Faye Brookes reveals what Gareth Gates likes to do with lipstick

Plus she hints at the REAL reason Shayne Ward won't strip off anymore.

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When Shayne Ward revealed that he wouldn’t be taking his shirt of for the foreseeable future, the world went into freefall.

How the hell were we going to cope with no longer glimpsing an inch of that majestic chest of his?

“I’d rather stick to keeping my shirt on” the beefy party pooper said, leaving us hunk-loving girls and boys devastated.

“It would take a lot to get me to take my kit off now.

“I’m happy just being in the factory with my shirt on.

He added, suggesting his bod wasn’t in peak condition: “I’m just not into that whole sixpack thing.

“I think there is so much pressure to get in shape nowadays.

“I am just happy doing what I’m doing.”

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Well, his co-star Faye Brookes, who plays his sister Kate, may have just let slip the reason why Shayne is so adamant about not whipping off his top at the moment.

“We really take the pee out of each other all the time,” she told TV mag.

“I always catch him trying to sneak a dessert at work so I stare at him, trying to be the angel on his shoulder. He tries to be healthy but falls off the wagon every day.”

Ah, so could that be it? has been scoffing too many cakes?

Oh well, Shayne we love you body regardless.

Meanwhile, Faye, his is dating Pop Idol winner Gareth Gates, says she is eager to start a family.

Just weeks after she said she wasn’t ready for marriage because she is “totally career-driven” she says she can’t wait to have children.

“I do get broody,” she said. “I would like kids by the time I’m 35, but when the time is right, the time is right.

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“Me and Gareth are focused on our careers right now.

“We have plenty of time, although I am actually 30 this year.

“Everybody has said to me that it was the best year of their life, so I’m going to relish it.”

And it would seem that Faye is a lucky girl.

Not only has she gushed that she’s met Mr Right – “I’ve found the guy I want to spend the rest of my life with” – she says Gareth is pretty romantic too.

“Romance is lost nowadays, ” she said. “Luckily, Gareth is very romantic. He sends me flowers and leaves me little notes on the mirror in my lipstick.”