Emmerdale favourites to be reunited

For some it's been a long time coming

Emmerdale show boss Iain MacLeod has revealed that two of the show’s biggest characters will get back together despite the fact they’re currently broken up.

Hearts broke across the nation when Aaron Dingle called time on his marriage to Robert Sugden, but Iain has confirmed the pair will get back together.

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Currently, Robert is throwing all his time and energy into scamming the Whites so he can get his hands on Home Farm.

He’s charmed his baby mama, Rebecca, into letting him help run the show while Lawrence recovers from his latest hospital visit.

What Rebecca – and Lawrence – don’t know is that Robert is drugging Lawrence’s drink to keep him out of the game for much longer than anyone thinks so Robert can worm his way in.

But with Lawrence, and his daughter, Chrissie, who just happens to be Robert’s ex-wife, leaving the show soon, is Robert about to play a part in their exit?

“There is a fun story for Robert heading into the new year, which will tie into another character’s exit,” Iain told Inside Soap.

“He’s not going to murder anybody, but his scheming will end up becoming even more complicated and ingenious as time goes by.”

But he did confirm that things will be on the up for Robert’s romantic future with Aaron.

“Whatever fun and games we have for Robert, they won’t take him so far away from Aaron that there is no going back.

“The pair of them will absolutely be together.”


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It’s obvious Robert still cares deeply for Aaron and this week he’s desperately trying to stop his estranged other half partaking in a boxing match with his former cellmate Jason.

Aaron stands a good chance of getting hurt, and despite Robert’s attempts to blackmail the other man to pull out of the fight, it’s set to go ahead.

Will Robert finally be reunited with Aaron at his hospital bedside after he’s given a pummelling?

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