Fans wowed by Jen Metclafe’s candid pic and message about post-pregnancy bod.

The Hollyoaks star is VERY honest and open!

You’re a gorgeous star of Hollyoaks currently on maternity leave.

It’s a Saturday night, so what do you do?

Snuggle up with your baby and baby daddy and have a cosy family night in?

Or take an underwear selfie and tell all your fans about how you’re doing post birth in vivid detail that might make your fans wince?

Well, for whatever reason it was, the gorgeous and glowing new mum Jennifer Metcalfe has gone for the latter and posted a pic of her post baby body last night.

Over 36, 000 people like this image of Jen Metcalfe in her knickers! (Credit: Instagram)

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And legions of her fans were quick to like the sensational picture – just under 37, 000 of them, in fact!

Sitting cross-legged on the floor with a big smile in front of the mirror, Jen looked happy as Larry!

But in the accompanying text, she opened up about life after giving birth and revealed that her body has been through the wars.

Bless her, Jen wrote her message using very bizarre online slang (Credit: Instagram)

Writing in social media speak (i.e. bad spellings, the lack of the use of the letter ‘h’ and bad English), she wrote: “4weeks afta my boy [h]as vacated his apartment this is w[h]at I’m left wi[th] [a]n[d] it really isn’t that bad!

“I know a lot o[f] women feel anxious about w[h]at their postpartum body will look like,but4me,this was the least o my worries(I [h]ada poo pregnancy!)

“I wa[s]nt worried about w[h]at my body was goin2look like w[h]en my boy [h]ad finished usin it 2grow, Instead I was intrigued/excited 2c the new me..n I like it! [sic]”

Jen’s wee one was born last month (Credit: Instagram)

The 34-year-old was rather honest when it came to opening up about how her body had changed, especially in relation to her breasts.

“The boobs [h]av[e] finally settled down. Afta breastfeeding they swelled beyond belief,going fr[o]m a modest ‘B’ 2a neva seen before ‘F’ (leftie must [h]av[e] been @least a ‘G’) they were lumpy,absolutely wrecked [a]n[d] my once lil brown nips [h]ad trebled in size.

“I couldn’t wait 2c,afta all this,wat they were guna like.These [a]r[e] more than ok,I fed a human wi[th] them,they r awesome!

She went onto explain that she no longer has a taut Hollyoaks tum and now has a “squishy bit of comfort4both my boys!”

She added: “Lil man uses it 2bounce off 2relieve his wind [a]n[d] Gregs gon[e] fr[o]m babysittin him in my tummy to holdin the”squidge”whilst [h]e sleeps (usually not for long)me all cozy under the arm.”

Jen and Greg have been together for years (Credit: Instagram)

Jen also explained that her arms and legs are wobblier and she says she feels “rounder”.

But she says she’s happy about that as she reckons the “extra lbs suit as I get older”.

Jen continued by explaining what her lady parts look like post-birth. (WARNING: Not for the squeamish)

“I’m still hairy,” she wrote. “I swore once I c[o]u[l]d c IT again I would sort it but these days I have biga fish 2fry,so pls dnt judge if u spot a spiders leg or 10!”

Jen says she was so honest in her post because she wanted her fans to see an unfiltered, unairbrushed image of a woman after pregnancy (Credit: Instagram)

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Round the other side she admits, “The bum the bums BIIIIG..but the size as actually stretched out the cellulite abit so every cloud.

The star explained that she had been so honest in her post because she thought it was important that her young followers saw real, unfiltered images of women’s bodies instead of the airbrushed images, the likes of which can be seen in those legendary Hollyoaks calendars.

Bravo to that girl!

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