Fans worried that Megan McKenna is “wasting away” following split

The TOWIE star posted a selfie of her looking slender in a swimsuit

TOWIE fans are concerned that Megan McKenna’s split from Pete Wicks has taken its toll on the star.

Megan posted an Instagram selfie of herself wearing a swimsuit, but some fans remarked that she seems to have lost too much weight. “This is way too thin,” wrote one.

“I hope u get over heartbreak diet soon, [sic]” wrote another.

A third said: “It’s a bit too skinny I feel but it’s not said out of hate or jealously still an amazing figure.”

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Others were quick to defend the reality star. “She is a petite women with a lovely figure so who are you to say nasty stuff?” wrote one fan, in response to a comment that Megan looked like she had an eating disorder.

The fan added that the negative comments about Megan’s figure were “jealousy”.

“Women are suppose to pick each other up, don’t we get enough criticism off men? All Megan does is eat a lot like me but some people burn it off faster and struggle to gain weight,” she added. [sic]

Another fan added that we are “all shapes and sizes” and it “would be a dull world if we was all cloned to look the same.” [sic]

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Megan’s mum Tanya had previously said that her daughter’s dramatic relationship with Pete was unhealthy.

“You can’t physically continue,” Tanya told Pete.

“I look at Megan, she’s like wasting away before my eyes, the anxiety and the stress of being in a relationship where she’s so unhappy.”

TOWIE star Chloe Sims recently described Megan as “attention-seeking” and said that she’s stopped filming scenes with Megan and Pete.

Chloe said she didn’t want her 12-year-old daughter Madison to see negative comments about her because of it. “I’m getting trolled and abused online,” said Chloe.

“I don’t want the kids in Maddie’s school seeing what they’re writing about her mum.”

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