EastEnders fans worried another Walford resident suicidal

Max Branning was ready to end it on Christmas Day

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EastEnders viewers got their knickers in a right twist last night as they watched Mick Carter dangerously clamber on to the Vic roof.

Concerned that he might be planning to jump to his death, fans took to Twitter to raise their concerns for the mental wellbeing of the pub’s landlord.

Mick was seen on top of the pub – possibly tightening a wire on the satellite dish or poking about in the chimney for any hard evidence that Santa exists – and it concerned fans no end.

Because only days before, Abi and Lauren were left fighting for their lives after they slipped and fell from the top of the pub.

Clearly Mick hadn’t learnt anything from the Branning sisters’ tragic accident as he went up on to the top of the building for a little look about.

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EastEnders viewers took to Twitter to beg Mick to be careful and get down from the roof.

One viewer wrote: “Mick, is it really the time to be on the roof after everything that happened?”

Another added: “No Mick. Don’t do it! Don’t jump!”

And another Tweeter pointed out that no one would have bothered to mention Abi and Lauren’s accident when Mick was on the roof as they were all too busy planning yet another party!

But it seemed like Mick was just having a look over his ‘manor’, as he put it, enjoying the serenity of the Square, and not actually in need of a call to the Samaritans.

And that was enough to annoy some people on Twitter who felt that Mick hadn’t earned enough Albert Square stripes to refer to it that way.

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One viewer said that they thought his character was good but they ‘never wanted to hear him refer to Albert Square as his manor again’ while another told him to ‘shut up’ as he’d only been in the show for ‘2 minutes’.

But Mick, played by Danny Dyer, has actually been in the show for exactly four years and other Tweeters were quick to show him some love and congratulate him.

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