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Fans wonder where Emma McVey’s baby is in new Instagram posts

Gary Beadle's girlfriend is due to give birth in January

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Emma McVey, girlfriend of Geordie Shore’s Gary Beadle, has come under fire from fans once again after posting another pregnancy photo, revealing her practically flat stomach and taut abs.

The stunning model, who is at least 28 weeks pregnant and is due to give birth in January, uploaded a new photo which she posted on her Instagram wearing nothing but Calvin Klein underwear. The photo shows only a small baby bump on the model’s slim frame.

Fans were quick to comment on Emma’s body shape. (Credit: emma_jane1392/Instagram)

She captioned the image: “#thirdtrimester #januarybaby #minigary 👶🏼💙 @gazgshore”

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Fans were quick to comment on the photo, with some expressing their shock at how thin Emma still looks, despite hitting her third trimester.

One wrote: “[She] surely can’t be preggers”

Another continued: “How is she 6 months pregnant I look like that after thinking about bread.”

“Looks like you just consumed too many burritos,” a third joked.

Emma often posts selfies on her Instagram. (Credit: emma_jane1392/Instagram)

However, a number of the beauty’s followers were quick to jump to her defence, with one writing : “I have never seen anyone look do incredible during pregnancy.”

Another supportive fan commented: “I was the same (look like a whale now) even at 9 months I barely looked pregnant? Still had a beautiful girl…people are all different x.”

This isn’t the first time Emma has been the target of criticism for her body. Back in September, she was trolled for looking too skinny in a photo she posted of her and Gary, where followers posted mean comments like “Your neck looks so skinny! Please start eating”.

Emma’s followers have commented on her slim figure in the past. (Credit: emma_jane1392/Instagram)

Despite the negative comments, the parents-to-be seem to be very excited about the arrival of their little one at the beginning of next year, after recently posting 4D baby scan photos to their social media accounts!

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The pics got fans debating whether the baby looked more like his mum or dad.

Many thought there was an uncanny likeness to Gary, with one commenting: “It’s a mini Gaz!”

Another added: “All I can see is you Gaz, you are both going to be great parents.”

Emma posted 4D scans of her little boy! (Credit: emma_jane1392/Instagram)

Gary, who is obviously very excited about becoming a father, posted the incredible images to his Instagram account with the caption: “WOW thank you Window To The Womb Leeds for these amazing 4D pics of our little boy, little poser!”

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