Coronation Street fans upset as Eccles the dog poisoned

Who knew a sausage sandwich could be so deadly?

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Coronation Street fans have threatened to boycott the soap after one of its cutest residents was left for dead.

Animal lovers watching the ITV serial drama were angry and upset when terrier Eccles was poisoned by a sausage sandwich.

Will Eccles survive the cruel attempt on her life? (Credit: ITV)

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Ken Barlow’s beloved pooch was targeted in a cruel revenge plot by Simon Barlow’s callous gang.

And Corrie fans were sickened to think that Eccles might die as a result.

In scenes shown on Wednesday night (4 July), Ken’s pet was discovered on death’s door after being made part of a disgusting payback aimed at Ken’s grandson Simon.

Simon Barlow is in with the wrong crowd (Credit: ITV)

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Simon has been shunned by his group of unsavoury mates after grassing up ring leader Tyler when he broke into Daniel Osbourne and Adam Barlow’s flat and attacked Flora McArdle.

Despite being part of the gang, Simon did the right thing and stayed in the flat to make sure the pensioner was okay.

Offering to wash up the dishes in Roys Rolls for free to win favour with his neighbours, he is unsettled when Tyler arrives pretending to offer an olive branch.

Simon hands Tyler a free sausage sandwich, which is later used to poison Eccles (Credit: ITV)

He tells Simon that he’ll forgive and forget if he’s given a free sausage sandwich.

Of course, Tyler then put slug poison in the sandwich and fed it to Eccles.

Luckily, Toyah Battersby found the canine, panting and yelping in distress, in the Barlow’s backyard.

And viewers were left distressed and worrying that the soap fave might not survive the ordeal.

One lamented: “How can you poison a dog. They are precious gems from God.”

Another blasted: “If that [bleep] poisons Eccles I’m never going to watch.”

A third added: “I know it’s just a soap but how anyone ever poison a defenceless little dog.”

In fact, one viewer was so upset, they reported the scenes to Ofcom.

They wrote: “My friend is complaining to Ofcom about Eccles getting hurt. She’s not happy #Corrie.”

Some even criticised the soap for showing viewers how to poison a dog…

Other fans took it a bit less seriously, though, and joked that the dog should win a National Television Award!

“Somebody give that dog an NTA!” she cried.

Thankfully the vets told Ken that his terrier should be okay.

But who will nasty Tyler target next?

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