Love Island's Dani and Jack

Fans warn Love Island’s Jack Fincham as he kisses new girl

He'd better not hurt Dani!

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They have already secured their spot as favourites to win the show, but fans have warned Love Island’s Jack Fincham that he could be putting his relationship with Dani Dyer in jeopardy, after a preview of tonight’s episode shows him kissing another girl!

Love Island ITV2
Don’t do it Jack! Dani’s boyfriend locks lips in Casa Amor (Credit: ITV2 Love Island)

The girl in question is newcomer Kazzimir Crossley, who is yet to enter the villa as she’s currently staying in ‘Casa Amor’ with the boys.

“If Jack hurts Dani, the whole nation will be on his back,” warned one Jack and Dani supporter.

ITV2 Love Island
Jack and Dani are favourites to win the show – but could their relationship be at risk? (Credit: ITV2 Love Island)

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Another fan even put to Jack that she would ‘lose all faith in ALL men’ if he cheated on Dani, whom he asked to be his official girlfriend in the villa last week.

Former TOWIE star Fran Parnam also joined the debate, adding that she was so involved with the ITV2 dating show that she woke up feeling heartbroken at the thought of Jack and Kazzimir!

TOWIE’S Fran Parnam is heartbroken for Dani (Credit: Twitter)

She tweeted: “I’m so deep into Love Island that I woke up this morning with my own heart hurting for Dani already…it’s not even 8.00am.”

The kiss also irked another unhappy morning viewer, who moaned: “I just saw Jack kiss Kazzimir and I nearly choked on my coffee. Pure disappointment.”

Luckily for fans, Jack’s cheeky kiss with Kazzimir was just part of a challenge set by those ever-cheeky Love Island producers.

Fans are terrified Jack will mess up! (Credit: Twitter)

But hang on, fans STILL weren’t happy about it, with some drawing comparisons on last year’s Marcel Somerville’s kiss (again, as part of a challenge in the other villa), which was later posted to then girlfriend Gabby Allen on a postcard.

One fan is having all of the feels for Dani (Credit: Twitter)

A viewer remarked: “Nah, not having that. What is Jack doing at the end? Game or not babe you sit down and pretend you don’t know them rules! Keep the score or something.”

They urge him NOT to play the game (Credit: Twitter)

Another agreed: “So angry because Jack is so cute and loyal but now that girl kissed him and they’ll send Dani a pick and she’ll be heartbroken and I can’t take it IT’S NOT FAIR.”

The kiss comes as the second bombshell for the couple this week, as Jack’s ex, Ellie Jones, was also among the group, and has admitted there is still ‘something there’ between them.

Love Island's Ellie Jones
Jack’s ex Ellie is also among the new girls in Casa Amor (Credit: ITV2 Love Island)

Poor Dani!

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After spraying a pair of her knickers with her perfume and added some chocolate croissants and jelly sweets to Jack’s suitcase (how cute!) Dani herself admitted she was worried Jack would be ‘swayed’.

She said: “This always happens to me. I’ll get really really happy with someone, then some girl with a nice bum and boobs, who hasn’t eaten cheese toasties every night is going to try and sway him.”

Love Island's Dani Dyer
Dani admits she’s worried (Credit: ITV2 Love Island)

Dani added: “I’d be silly not to worry and I am worried. I’m not going to have the wool pulled over my eyes.”

She later confided in fellow contestant Georgia Steel: ” This is a big test them being gone and it scares me. Jack is a loving person, he’s very caring and it does worry me. I know what girls are like and it’s happened to me before and I’m scared.

“If I get an inkling that Jack has done that to me. I trusted him and he was a playboy , he was when he was younger, he was naughty and he even said to me.”

Dani’s dad Danny Dyer also joked he would ‘strangle’ Jack if he was to ‘get frisky’ with his daughter on-screen during last night’s one-off episode of Good Evening Britain.

Danny and Dani Dyer (Credit: Instagram)
Danny warns Jack not to mess with his daughter (Credit: @danidyer Instagram)

With Danny’s veiled threat, paired with the fact that the nation would turn against him, we think it’s better you just hide under the bed covers – very much alone – and enjoy those chocolate brownies Jack!

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