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EastEnders fans voice concern over ‘missing’ character

Wherefore art thou?

With the nights drawing in and the days getting colder, EastEnders fans have been growing more and more concerned about Michelle Fowler, who hasn’t been seen in Albert Square for over four weeks.

The eagle-eyed viewers say she hasn’t been on-screen since early November, when she invited her stalker round to the Mitchells’ house for dinner.

Michelle’s been missing since last month (Credit: BBC)

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But don’t worry, with the help of Denise Fox and Karen Taylor, he was sent packing out of Walford on the next tube.

Since then, fans have pointed out that there has been absolutely so sign of her, not even a mention from her best buddy Sharon Mitchell or brother, Martin.

Of course she could just be putting in extra hours at the department store she works in to help out with the Christmas rush.

Viewers have taken to Twitter to voice their concern for the character, with some even wondering if she’s been axed from the BBC One soap.

Has she been snatched by Stalker Tom? (Credit: BBC)

“Michelle has totally disappeared,” one observant fan pointed out.

While another asked: “Where’s Michelle gone?”

Another wondered if she’d been forgotten about by EE’s new boss: “Here has John Yorke forgotten about Fake Michelle and Ted and Joyce?”

And a fourth tweeted: “Have we even seen Fake Michelle or Fake Pam and Les since John Yorke’s episodes started airing?”

But worried fans can breathe a sigh of relief as we can confirm Michelle hasn’t been axed or kidnapped off-screen by her creepy stalker.

A show insider told Sun Online: “It’s normal for characters to take a backseat if their storylines aren’t the focus.

“They can’t be in all the scenes.”

She’ll be back with her nearest and dearest soon (Credit: BBC)

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As the past few weeks have centred around Max Branning and his epic downfall, we’ll hopefully see Michelle back on our screens very soon.

Just as soon as the apocalyptic mess from the fallout of Christmas has been cleared up.

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