EastEnders star heading to Holby City

Swapping the Square for scrubs

Holby City are bringing in two new characters one of whom will be played by EastEnders actress Belinda Owusu, aka Libby Fox.

Belinda is playing Nicky McKendrick, a new F1 finding the pressure of her role at the hospital difficult.

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She’s coming in alongside Doctors actress Salma Haque, who’s playing Nicky’s best friend Meena Chowdhury.

Also an F1, the pair are friends from school, but it’s not long before they realise that the job they’ve signed up for is A LOT harder than they imagined.

And it doesn’t help that they’re working under the watchful eye of Jac Naylor – she’s enough to scare any newbie.

While the girls are united in their fear of both Jac and the pressures of their new job, their backgrounds couldn’t be more different.

Nicky is from a struggling working class background, but Meena’s upbringing was more privileged.

It soon becomes clear the pace at Holby and their desperation to impress might be the undoing of them, and Jac doubts very much they can cut it.

Can their friendship survive the tough challenges of the  new job?

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Series producer Kate Hall told “Friends from medical school, Nick and Meena will have their work cut out as Holby’s fresh F1’s.

“Thrown into a fiercely rivalrous, fast-paced surgical world, they will need to go all out to impress senior-ranking consultants and as the young doctors fight to survive, their friendship will be sorely tested.”

The pair will be on screen later this year.

But what does that mean for Libby’s future in Walford?

Libby still comes to the Square from time to time to see her mum, Denise, and Aunty Kim. She was last seen during Denise’s pregnancy when she came to be with her mum as she gave birth.

But now Dee is engaged to Kush, surely Libby would be back for the big day?

Fortunately, EastEnders and Holby are filmed at the same place so hopefully she’ll be able to pop back to see her mum every now and then.

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