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Fans urge Corrie actor to call the police over vile threats

The troll has said awful things

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If you’ve ever used social media, you’ve likely seen some nasty trolls out there, but one follower has taken things to the next level with some seriously vile messages to Jack P. Shepherd.

The Coronation Street actor has faced a barrage of vicious threats and comments about his children and partner, Hanni Treweek – with fans urging him to call the police.

The latest string of offensive posts came when the TV star, who is a dad-of-three, shared a sweet picture of himself with Hanni, 29.

The actor – who has played David Platt since 2000 – wrote: “I fell in love with this girl and she’s the best thing that I’ve ever experienced. @ladyhanni89 ❤️💋❤️💋.”

The awful troll bizarrely commented: “@jackpshepherd88 urinates on his children.” Another nasty message read: “Jack abuses his children and does not give a damn about them. Jack yells I LOVE HANNI BUT NOT YOU in his poor children’s faces. Jack should be castrated and put in prison for child abuse.”

jack p shepherd instagram
The troll has sent endless vile messages (Credit: Instagram)

The troll – believed to be a woman – added: “Everyone hates @jackpshepherd88 in the Corrie cast. Samia and Sue wish he was dead.”

In one post, the commenter spoke directly to Hanni, writing: “@ladyhanni89 Come on. You deserve so much better. He is way too ugly for you. Don’t you think it is sexist that beautiful women are always settling for men who are beneath them?”

The Sun says the troll has been changing his or her name regularly in order to harass the actor for weeks. Other comments have seen Jack, 30, called a “despicable human being. He has absolutely nothing going for him and @ladyhanni89 needs help to get out of this horrific relationship.”

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Nyla, Lady and Reuby 🤗

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Another read: “@jackpshepherd88 No woman who hasn’t been drugged would ever find you anything other than hideous.”

A source told The Sun: “The women is clearly not right but Jack says he’s just going to leave it. His view is that it will only enflame things and he thinks she’ll just get bored and go away if he doesn’t engage with her or threaten to take action.

“But the things she is coming out with are truly vile and there is a worry that she could turn up on his doorstep or at the ITV studios. He’s pretty relaxed about it and says he’s not worried about some demented troll.”

The insider close to Jack adds: “He says it will be someone else’s turn soon but a few of his mates aren’t so sure and are worried.”

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Jack’s 259k followers have rushed to defend him, with one commenting: “One day, people will stop being pathetic and hiding behind troll accounts, just to send really hatred comments to someone they don’t like. They’ll just move on and live their lives. Eh @huliopke! One day….”

jack p shepherd
Jack’s followers have tried to defend him from the attacks (credit: Instagram)

Another added: “Forget the hate, we all think you are great , for every negative [bleep] there are 100 supporters for you 💖💖.”

A third wrote: “@huliopke you are VILE if you have nothing nice to say then keep your horrific comments to yourself!” While a fourth commented: “@huliopke you sad sad person get a life.”

Many also urged Jack to report the troll to Instagram and the authorities, commenting that it was “quite frightening to read especially when he brings your children into it.” Another insisted: “You should be reported to the police.”

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Spots on spots 🐾 @ladyhanni89

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Others chose to ignore the idiot, simply sending love to the happy pair.

One wrote: “You make a stunning couple both of you, we only get one life and it should be up to us how we live it.carry on showing the world you love each other nothing wrong at all with it @jackpshepherd88 xx.”

Another added: “So unbelievably cute!! 😍❤️.”

Jack has been on the ITV soap for 18 years (credit: ITV)

Even Hanni blanked the nasty comments, simply writing: “ladyhanni89@jackpshepherd88 I love you baby 😘😍😍 xxxx.”

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This is truly shocking behaviour. Poor Jack. And we agree with his followers – this troll shouldn’t be allowed to keep harassing people.

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