EastEnders fans up in arms over Mick Carter gunshot ‘blunder’


There was high drama in Albert Square on New Year’s Day when Mick Carter was gunned down during a botched heist.

Cut to last night’s follow-up episode and, with the Queen Vic landlord writhing around in agony on the floor, it looked like he was at death’s door.

However, just minutes later – following a bit of stitching, a swig of booze and a curry – he appeared to be right as rain.

And the miraculous recovery left viewers unimpressed, with many taking to social media to tear into the BBC soap.

In that tense New Year’s Day episode, viewers were left shocked as Mick (played by Danny Dyer) was shot by a member of the heist gang.

And with the robbers refusing to take him to hospital for fear of getting caught, the landlord was hauled into the Queen Vic for some impromptu treatment.

Now, in the absence of a proper paramedic team, you’d think Mick would be doomed.

But after Masood’s aunt Mariam stitched up his wound on the sticky pub floor, he started to perk up a bit. And even more so when Linda offered him some alcohol.

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The following day, Linda went back to Mariam for some advice, and was given a “cleansing, detoxifying and nourishing” curry.

She was told: “If you want your husband to get better, you’d better feed him this.”

Sure enough, for the rest of the episode, Mick seemed pretty much fine – albeit rather grumpy.

And for some fans of the programme, it was a suspense of disbelief too far.

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One tweeted: “Who needs medical treatment for an infected gunshot wound when you can just eat a curry and take a paracetamol?”

Another said: “Hot milk and turmeric for an infected gunshot wound? Winter bed crisis has really hit Walford NHS.”

And a third quipped: “If hot milk and turmeric can fix a gunshot wound, I might try it for a hangover.”

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