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Sunday 5th July 2020

Neil Ruddock shows off incredible weight loss after losing over a stone

He had been warned he could drop dead if he didn't take action

Merciless followers of Neil 'Razor' Ruddock have been taking the mick out of his efforts to shed some timber.

The former footballer turned reality show regular has dropped a stone and a half from his hulking 25 stone frame after doctors warned him he could 'drop dead at any moment'.

But some fans on social media have chosen to roast rather than congratulate the ex hardman Liverpool player over his dieting success, joking he merely adjusted his clothing for dramatic before and after pics evidencing his weight loss.

Promoting a healthy eating programme, the 51-year-old tweeted earlier today: "I said I was fed up of carrying the extra weight, so I’ve done something about it.

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"Say bye bye to fat Razor, and check out the new and improved Razor."

Neil, who recently starred on Celebrity Masterchef and has also appeared on I'm A Celebrity and Celebrity Big Brother, told the Mirror he was motivated to ditch his junk food diet following the sudden loss of fellow former pro Justin Edinburgh who passed away due to a heart attack in June aged just 49.

You just pulled the shorts higher up your gut.

Since following the new regime, he’s also dropped two shirt sizes and lost four inches off his waist.

Neil said: “It wasn’t nice to get a load of bad test results – my cholesterol was up, my blood pressure was high – so I knew I had to do something about my health.

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"Losing my former Spurs teammate Justin so tragically this summer also made me realise that nobody really knows what’s happening inside their body, so everyone should try to make healthy improvements to their life where they can."

Neil has now cut out the fry ups he enjoyed on a regular basis, as well as the huge Chinese takeaways he would scoff down for dinner and treats such as chocolate and ice cream he loved snacking on.

ITV viewers saw the dad-of-two given the unvarnished truth about his condition earlier this year during Harry’s Heroes in which a Harley Street doctor told him he was at risk of having a heart attack and a stroke.

That news seemed to hit home with Neil, who vowed to make a change.

He reflected at the time: "Men are scared to get bad news. Both my older brothers have got problems. One’s got a stent. It is in my family."

But although dozens of fans were happy for his achievement and were quick to respond to Neil with well wishes, others teased the big man for 'covering up' his belly.

"You just pulled the shorts higher up your gut," suggested one person.

"You've just pulled your shorts up higher! Ha ha," laughed another with the same banter.

A third echoed the same gag: "No disrespect but all you have done is pull your shorts up pal."

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