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Wednesday 19th June 2019

Fans to 'Sister Wives' Star: You're The 'Worst'

"Gold digger," one person said.

Following the Sister Wives season premiere on Sunday, countless fans took to Twitter to bash Mykelti Brown's husband, Tony Padron.

Although the new episode aired almost a week ago, people are still trashing Tony on social media. And by the looks of it, the hate won't subside anytime soon.

Tony pictured with Mykelti. (Credit: @mykeltip/Instagram)

Apparently, many viewers of the TLC hit think that the Nevada resident is a "gold digger" and "gross." One fan even declared that Mykelti's husband is "the worst."

As for what inspired the backlash, one can assume it has to do with Tony's pricey wedding demands.

Not only did the reality star request that 400 people attend the nuptials, but he also expected Mykelti's dad, Kody Brown, to foot the entire bill.

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Someone said of Tony's outlandish behavior: "Kody I feel bad for you and your newly married daughter.

"Tony is nothing but a gold digger, he only wants your sweet daughter for fame and money.

"I'm so sorry for her. I just wished her eyes were opened before the wedding."

Another added: "Watching Sister Wives and I can't freaking stand Tony... He's the worst."

And one especially disgusted fan wrote: "Tony is just gross."

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Unfortunately for these disgruntled fans, however, it doesn't look like Tony is going anywhere anytime soon.

The banker and Mykelti got hitched in December 2016, and they appear to be madly in love.

In fact, Kody's daughter shared a very sweet snap in honor of their first wedding anniversary on Dec. 18.

Tony and Mykelti just celebrated their first wedding anniversary. (Credit: @mykeltip/Instagram)