Coronation Street fans threaten BOYCOTT unless the soap ends ‘boring’ storyline

Viewers are fed up and switching, bored with Pat Phelan's long-running hostage storyline

Coronation Street fans are seriously fed up with the show at the moment, saying that the Phelan kidnap plot has gone on for too long.

Viewers are complaining that the show has become boring and is no longer fun and feels more like its depressing London rival EastEnders.

Evil Pat Phelan took barman Andy hostage months ago, holding him in the cellar of a disused house.

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And even though the action has stepped up – last night he took his former crooked business partner Vinny hostage as well, and also had a physical fight with his nemesis Anna Windass – fans are really not happy and just want the storyline to come to an end.

Viewers have been going online to share their frustrations and to beg producers to bring a swift end to the plot.

They threatened to boycott the show and stop watching until the violent story came to a conclusion.

“Actually considering a #Corrie boycott until #Phelan finally does one. IT IS SO BORING. And pointless. And not enjoyable to watch,” complained one viewer.

Another added: “Phelan storyline …stupid! Who does he think he is …the feckin mafia? PLEASE END THIS. Feel like I’ve been infiltrated by ‘Enders! #Corrie”

“I’m afraid I won’t watch @itvcorrie any more, too much nasty violence with the Phelan storyline. Corrie used to be funny!” said a third.

Viewers pointed out that they usually watch the soap for its mix of humour and fun storylines, and that it feels this violent gangster style story does not being in the show – and has gone on for far too long.

They threatened to boycott the show and stop watching until the violent story came to an end.

Plus there is no end in sight. After Phelan took another hostage, fought with Anna and framed her for Seb’s fall, there is no sign that he will be facing justice anytime soon.

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Actor Connor McIntyre may have won awards for his portrayal of the soap super villain, but he’s definitely wearing out viewers’ patience.

Coronation Street continues on ITV at 7.30pm tomorrow.