Loose Women fans stunned as The Chase’s Anne Hegerty reveals off-duty and drops saucy confession

She appeared on the show to talk about struggles she has faced in the past

We are so used to seeing The Chase’s Anne Hegerty in a tight grey suit and red lipstick but during Thursday’s Loose Women fans were left stunned as she unveiled her glamorous transformation.

The quiz master, also known as The Governess, ditched her statement look and slipped into a patterned blouse paired with a softer make-up look.

And the star also dropped a VERY saucy confession while discussing her role on the game show leaving the loose ladies shocked.

Anne looked flawless debuting her new look (Credit: ITV)

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Speaking about having to wear a uniform on the show Anne, 59, admitted: “You can’t imagine how much I dislike the suit.

“That is not what I would have chosen to wear.”

She then went on to reveal a secret revelation about her Chaser nickname. She wasn’t actually called The Governess at first.

The quizzer revealed: “I was going to be called The Headmistress but then Bradley [Walsh] kept calling me The Governess.

“So I asked if I could just be called that instead… It’s more kinky!”

The panellists were shocked at her saucy confession (Credit: ITV)

Wanting more information about her revelation panellist Nadia Sawalha asked Anne: “Are you quite kinky Anne?”

To which the Chaser replied: “You have no idea!”

The loose ladies were shocked at her X-rated admission as Coleen’s mouth instantly dropped open.

Viewers watching from home couldn’t believe how incredible Anne looked.

“She looks great, she should ditch that grey suit,” one said.

Another wrote: “OMG WOW @anne_hegerty you look amazing, the new look has taken years off of you.”

The Loose Women’s official Twitter page asked fans what they thought of Anne’s brand new look.

One said: “There are no words,” to which Anne herself replied: “That’s… one way of putting it…”

Another added: “Anne looks fantastic x.”

One gushed: “Looking fabulous!”

Anne was also praised as she opened up about her struggles with autism.

The quiz genius realised that she had autism while watching a TV about children with the condition in 2003, and was eventually diagnosed by a doctor.

She told the panel: “Over the next few years I realised the whole problem with juggling things hadn’t got any better. I was having difficulty getting jobs done on time.

“I’ve been a terrible nuisance to a lot of people.

Anne revealed she was diagnosed with autism a few years back (Credit: ITV)

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“On New Year’s Day 2008 I had two bailiffs turn up on my doorstep and because I had so little income I had not been paying bills, and I respect the concept of paying bills I’m very much in favour of it, I just couldn’t quite get it together.”

She continued: “A terribly helpful social worker named Jeff Mackenzie came and said to me, ‘Don’t worry about a thing, I will open the mail, we will get the bills paid, I will get you filling in the forms so you can actually be on benefits’.”

She went on to explain that Jeff helped her secure her audition for The Chase and bag the role.

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