Coronation Street fans stunned as character returns from the dead

That didn't take long

Coronation Street viewers were left shocked tonight when Gary Windass returned from the dead in rather unspectacular fashion.

A grieving Sarah was trying to come to terms with the fact Gary was dead, after receiving the news he’d been involved in an explosion in the Ukraine, by heading out for some fresh air with Bethany and Harry.

But as Sarah let herself back into her house she was stunned to see Gary sitting on the sofa as if nothing had ever happened.

Sarah couldn’t believe it when she saw Gary (Credit: ITV)

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He had no idea she – and the rest of the Street – thought he was dead.

A stunned Sarah decided to propose to Gary to make sure she never lost him again.

Gary was totally oblivious to the fact everyone thought he was dead (Credit: ITV)
Sarah was devastated all over again (Credit: ITV)

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