Coronation Street fans spotted something spooky about Billy Mayhew last night

How did he do that?

Eagle-eyed Corrie fans noticed something a bit supernatural about naughty vicar Billy Mayhew during last night’s two visits to the Street.

Billy has been involved in a very dramatic (and very complicated) storyline that ended up with him falling from a cliff-top on Christmas Day.

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He’d been driven there by a furious Peter Barlow who wanted to put the willies up him after discovering Billy was partly responsible for the death of his twin sister, Susan, fifteen years ago.

Billy had been in the van that hit her car, driving away from an armed robbery at a petrol station.

The smash killed Susan, leaving her young son Adam motherless.

When Peter found out the truth after Billy confessed, he reacted with fury, plying the vicar with booze before driving him to a deserted location and leaving him overnight – locked in the boot.

He then tried to scare him by making him think he was going to let the car roll off of the cliff.

But Peter got him out, angrily telling Billy that he wanted him to feel how Susan felt before she died.

He planned to bring the man of God back to Weatherfield, but unfortunately fate had other plans and Billy slipped, falling down a sheer drop.

He was rushed to hospital and has been in a wheelchair since his discharge last week.

But during Wednesday night’s episodes, fans noticed that Billy somehow managed to scale the stairs to his flat, in his chair.

Billy was seen talking to daughter-to-be Summer in his first floor flat with his chair clearly visible. But with only Summer on hand to help him, fans wondered how he’d managed to get up the stairs.

One curious fan asked: “how does the vicar get up the stairs to his flat, he can hardly get in and of of his chair and also who took his chair up the stairs.”

“And how did billy get up the stairs to his flat??” wondered another.

“Am I losing the plot? How did Billy get up the stairs to the flat when he can’t walk and there’s no lift? Are we expected to believe that Summer threw him over her shoulder?”

Billy welcomed Summer home after she went on the run with Todd Grimshaw on Christmas Eve. Billy’s partner took her away, believing the couple could possibly lose her in light of the revelations about Billy.

But Summer revealed that the police – who had classed her disappearance as a child abduction – had caught up with Todd, and he assaulted one of the officers.

Corrie writers were forced to quickly re-jig the Christmas scripts after Todd actor, Bruno Langley, was fired following allegations of sexual assault.

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What Summer didn’t have an explanation for was how Billy tackled those stairs in his current state.

Shall we put it down to divine intervention then?

Coronation Street continues tomorrow at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV

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