Holly Willoughby fans spot something ‘sinister’ in her garden

It's giving people the creeps...

When Holly Willoughby shared a picture of her kids playing in the snow yesterday, little did she know that she was about to cause a commotion among her fans.

The TV presenter’s photo – which has gained more than 35,000 likes – showed her six-year-old daughter Belle having some wintry fun with her brothers Harry, eight, and Chester, three, in the family’s back garden.

It was captioned with the words: “Let it snow let it snow let it snow… Rainbow Bright and her snow patrol!”

However, a number of her followers were unable to appreciate the cuteness, as they were distracted by something in the snap that was giving them the creeps.

One fan started the hoo-ha when they wrote in Holly’s comments section: “Anyone else noticed a face on the garden wall?”

When another follower moaned that they couldn’t see anything, the fan offered a little more detail: “Zoom in as far as you can on the white bit of the wall (right hand side of the tree).

“It’s just below the red bricks on the right-hand side. It’s only little but looks like a doll’s face looking to the side.”

Then the penny dropped. Someone exclaimed: “I’ve found it too!” while another added: “That is mad!!!! How did you see it?!”

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And a third fan shivered: “That face in the wall… right of the tree – directly below the first full red brick laid landscape on the white. Looks like it’s at the end of the string of lights.”

It’s no surprise that Holly got all excited at the first sign of snow – the presenter is clearly a huge fan of Christmas.

Last year, it was revealed on This Morning that the 36-year-old – who’s married to Dan Baldwin – had put her Christmas decorations up in November.

And her festive spirit has clearly rubbed off on her ITV bosses, as This Morning’s tree was put up WEEKS before 25th December this year.

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The move provoked criticism from the show’s fans, with one slamming: “Too early. It’s not special any more, and by the time Christmas gets here I’m sick of hearing about it.”

Another agreed: “Way tooo early. It’s ridiculous and little people can’t understand why they have to wait!”

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