Peter Andre fans spot something bizarre in holiday snap

He's noted for his physique, but this is just plain weird...

He’s enjoying a well-earned skiing break with his family, but that hasn’t stopped Peter Andre regularly updating his fans via his Instagram page.

And one of his most recent pics has caused his followers no end of confusion.

Uploading a shot of himself leaning against his seemingly snowed-in car, Peter wrote:

“Damn it can’t get to work today!”

But it wasn’t his ironic caption that got people talking.

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Instead, it was his downright odd body proportions. Because although the top half of Pete’s body appeared totally normal in relation to his surroundings, his legs seemed to go on for ever.

“Why are your legs so long?” asked one, cutting straight to the chase, and asking exactly what everyone looking at the snap was thinking.

“Looks like you’ve grown extra long legs!” observed another, while a third questioned: “Why does he look like Slender Man?”

Peter didn’t return to the post to address what was going on in the snap (and who knows: camera trickery, an optical illusion, the slendering effects of hours of skiing…) but did later log on to share a mega-cute pic of his youngest daughter, Amelia.

“I’m four tomorrow and I’m feeling great” Peter wrote next to the photo of Amelia, who was pulling a snow angel pose in full ski gear.

Although Peter hasn’t revealed exactly where he and the fam are enjoy their spot of post-Christmas snow, he has shared some stunning views of their resort, and the fun they are all having.

We’re not envious at all…

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Peter is thought to have taken his whole brood away on the trip, sharing a video of himself, 10-year-old daughter  ‘Bista’ (Princess), and 12-year-old Junior, arriving at the snow-clad resort with other family members.

And sharing a snap of himself decked out in a crash hat and goggles, Peter simply captioned it: “Lovin it”.

And we can see why. But do take care on the ski lift with those ridiculously long limbs, Peter…

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