X Factor fans slam Nicole and Sharon for poppy blunder

Viewers were not impressed

X Factor judges, Nicole Scherzinger and Sharon Osbourne, were slammed by viewers of the ITV show last night – because they were wearing their poppies on the wrong side.

Nicole came under fire for wearing her poppy on the wrong side (Credit: ITV)

Poppies are traditionally worn on the left-hand side, where they are close to the heart, but Sharon and Nicole both appeared to have them attached on their right.

Viewers at home weren’t impressed with the gaffe and took to Twitter to vent.

One person pointed out: “#XFactor sharon and Nicole the poppy should be worn on the left”

While a second added: “Someone needs to tell Nicole Scherzinger on #xfactor that the poppy should be worn on the left.”

And a third fumed: ““@NicoleScherzy Wear the poppy the correct way or not at all #XFactor.”

Poppies are also worn on the left as this is traditionally the side members of the Armed Forces display their medals.

The British Legion has said that there is no ‘right or wrong’ way to wear a poppy, as long as it is worn with pride.

Last week Nicole was under fire for not wearing one at all, while the rest of the judging panel did.

Following the ad-break, a poppy had appeared though.

Sharon made the same faux-pas (Credit: ITV)

An X Factor spokesperson explained: “Nicole’s poppy fell off her outfit on the walk to the stage.

“She was alerted during the recording and put a poppy on during the break. Nicole has been wearing a poppy over the past week, including the Saturday show.”

While Nicole tweeted: “I’m always late, it fell off running to stage and replaced it as soon as we could! I have the upmost respect for everything it stands for! [sic].”

Meanwhile, other viewers raged that Harry Styles’ backing singer was wearing a poppy in her hair.

Viewers were also furious with some of the contestants for ‘murdering’ George Michael’s songs.

Many didn’t feel that the versions performed on the show didn’t live up to to music legend’s legacy.