Fans shocked as Michelle Heaton claims to have ‘mummy pouch’ in super fit bikini pic

Can we have her bod please?

Fitness junkie Michelle Heaton has yet again wowed us with a super fit bikini snap as she lays by a pool in Dubai.

Showcasing her incredible toned abs in a matching leopard print bikini the star claimed she’s still got a ‘mummy pouch’. Um, where?!

‘Mummy pouch’ or not the mum-of-two oozed confidence in the photo.

Michelle flaunted her beach bod during a getaway to Dubai (Credit: Instagram)

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Michelle, 38, captioned the post: “Hello Dubai … breathing in isn’t very comfortable at the angle 😂😂😂😂🙈🙈🙈🙈 #mummypouch‬.”

One follower commented: “You don’t need to breathe in!”

“Wish I had your mummy pouch! 😂😂,” another said.

A third wrote: “If only all our mummy pouches look like that.”

One added: “Ah Jesus there’s no hope for any of us…. if you breath in you may slip between the tiles!”

Fans were shocked at her claims of having a ‘mummy pouch’ (Credit: Instagram)

Earlier this month the former Liberty X singer opened up about her on-going battle with depression brought on by early menopause after undergoing surgery to prevent cancer.

Michelle had a double mastectomy and hysterectomy after finding out she was a carrier of a gene mutation that increases her risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

Despite the help of hormone replacement therapy she admitted she still gets “down and emotional”.

Speaking to MailOnline Michelle revealed: “Early menopause at 35 has hardly been fun. I have my down days where I feel really low.

“I feel so tired and lethargic and I can’t seem to snap myself out of it.

“You don’t fully realise how depressed you are at the time until you’ve been able to pick yourself up eventually and you look back at it.”

The star has been very open about her battle with early menopause (Credit: Instagram)

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“I’m lucky that I haven’t suffered the physical symptoms so many women going through the menopause get – such as hot flushes and night sweats.

“For me it’s had a big emotional impact,” she added.

But the pop star bravely showed off her scars from the surgery earlier in the year during an appearance on Loose Women.

Michelle sported a blue bikini as she strutted past the audience as they cheered her on.

The singer admitted she wanted to do the appearance after she turned down the opportunity to take part in the show’s Body Stories campaign.

But now she’s on a mission to make other women feel body confident and empowered.

The singer proudly showed her surgery scars on Loose Women (Credit: ITV)

Speaking about why she had a change of heart she said: “My whole thing is about trying to get women to be more confident and comfortable in their own body, and be who we want to be.

“So I thought, ‘If I don’t do it, who am I to give advice to other people?'”

Speaking to The Sun about finding out she had the gene Michelle previously said: “When I was diagnosed as being BRCA2 positive, meaning my risk of ovarian and breast cancer was high, my world could have come crashing down.

“Admittedly I had to make tough decisions – but I always considered myself to be one of the lucky ones to be able to take preventative action.”

She continued: “Thanks to the incredibly talented and knowledgeable people working in medicine, I should be alive to see my two children grow up.

“That is why ‘thank you’ is not nearly enough for those who have reduced my chances of an early death.”

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