Fans rush to defend Louis Tomlinson after ‘painful’ Royal Variety performance

Was he out of tune, or completely brilliant?

There was not a whole lot of love for the Royal Variety performance on social media last night.

Presenter Miranda Hart got a lot of flack, as did comedian Jason Manford with one brutal viewer calling them the “worst entertainers this country has to offer”.

And One Direction singer turned solo performer Louis Tomlinson got right royally panned by viewers who didn’t enjoy his rendition of new song Miss You.

Louis performed his new song Miss You (Credit: ITV)

“It’s official,” wrote one blunt viewer. “Louis Tomlinson can’t hold a note in a bucket.”

Another claimed Louis’ performance had ruined the whole show for her.

“Normally it’s really good… then Louis Tomlinson started singing!” she wrote. “What an awful song.”

And another viewer  just used a gif to illustrate how flat he believed Louis’s singing was.

But, as ever, the One Direction fans were out in force to defend Louis and they’ve been filling up social media in his defence.

One said the performance was “so, so good”. And another added: “Loved @Louis_Tomlinson performance.”

Another surprised viewer said: “Just a thought: Louis Tomlinson is majorly underrated.”

Sounds like the performance has really divided opinion.

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