Fans react as EastEnders big gas explosion just isn’t big enough

The much anticipated big bang left fans feeling deflated

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Oh Enders fans – will anything make you lot happy right now? You wanted something exciting to happen and the Soap Overlords responded by giving you Explosion Week. Yay!

Did someone drop their ciggie? (Credit: BBC)

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Only Walford’s big bang, left everyone feeling a little bit deflated by the size of the explosion.

Fans flooded social media with confusion and memes as the much-hyped blast, which came in the final seconds of tonight’s episode, did little more than throw Phil Mitchell into a few bags of rubbish.

And everyone knows Phil can’t die because the man has already survived two shootings, a heart attack and a ruined liver. The man is immortal.

8/10 people can’t spot the bald man in this picture (Credit: BBC)

Viewers tuned in with excitement tonight as several long-running storylines have promised to come to a head in one way or another this week.

Steven Beale’s tumour lie is about to be revealed, along with his affair with Abi, her pregnancy and Max’s revenge – all being uncovered by Jane Beale – putting her head fully on the line to be bumped off.

Well we thought it was explosive (Credit: BBC)

Linda Carter will finally confess her mysterious secret after packing a case and seemingly leaving the Vic. Again.

But it was that explosion – or rather the lack of it that – got everyone talking on Twitter.

Many fans felt short-changed that the explosion seemingly came out of nowhere, with the gas not being mentioned at all during the episode.

We’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that the gasworks have been disrupting the Square for at least two weeks, so there’s a pretty big clue right there.

And let’s not forget that Steven Beale is going to set fire to the restaurant later this week in a bid to silence Jane for good.

So that fireball you’re all so keen to see could still be in the pipeline. Geddit? Pipeline? Gas? Never mind.

Pretty as a Snapchat filter (Credit: BBC)

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Let’s all cheer ourselves up with how much Whitney looked like a walking Snapchat filter.

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