EastEnders fans raging at Martin Fowler plot

He got sent down

EastEnders fans were left fuming last night when Martin Fowler got a four week sentence for assaulting a police officer.

He’s set to spend two of those weeks in jail, while Joyce Murray, who confessed to shooting Johnny Carter, is wandering around scot-free!

Martin was desperate to find his wife (Credit: BBC)

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Martin lost his temper when he couldn’t find Stacey after the gas explosion at the Walford in Bloom event.

He was stressed and worried about his pregnant wife and when he heard her phone ringing near the site of the blast, he was desperate to rush to her and check she was okay.

But the police stepped into stop him and in his frustration and worry, he pushed the officer to the ground and was promptly arrested.

Fortunately, Stacey turned up safe and well, but Martin has been in prison awaiting sentence since the event.

Martin was upset with his sentence – and so were viewers (Credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, across the Square, Ted Murray shot Johnny after memories of his army days came back to haunt him.

Ted’s wife, Joyce, took the blame and was taken away by armed police, but then she was released on bail and no one stopped her going to visit her victim in hospital. Seems a little bit odd, doesn’t it?

Viewers certainly seem to think so, and believe the whole thing to be rather ridiculous.

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Poor Stacey looked distraught as the judge passed sentence and told the officers: “Take him down.”

Stacey watched her husband be taken away (Credit: BBC)

Elsewhere, Johnny has worked out Joyce wasn’t the one who shot him, but has agreed to keep quiet.

Later this week we’re set to discover exactly what Ted went through that caused him to act the way he did, but will the Carters be so forgiving when they know the truth?

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