EastEnders fans predicting dark Christmas plot for Mitchell character

Getting it on with your mum’s rapist’s son over some jump leads? Standard day in soap, guys

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EastEnders have been blowing our minds repeatedly lately with soap plots that hark back decades, like this is some sort of cross-generational epic novel. Which it sort of is. Ish.

And while our jaws were on the floor – awkward when we were mid-way through a Mars Bar but anyway – when Wilmott-Brown appeared back on screens 30 years after he raped Kathy, it looks like the twists will keep coming.

Because Wilmott-Brown’s son Luke has now been snogging Ben (“Have you got any jump leads?” – classic chat, Luke) AKA Kathy’s son.

And fans are now thinking that rather than being a one-off this is a storyline that will build and build, all ready to implode at Christmas. As any good soap storyline should, obviously.

Shocked at Luke’s move, Ben asked: “You’re gay?” and Luke replied: “We’re everywhere”, before the pair went for the snog.

Fans worked out where this was likely to go pretty quickly with one writing: “Caught up on #eastenders and Ben and Luke interesting wait till Ben finds out lukes dad raped his mom Christmas storyline anyone” [sic]

Another wrote: “Does Luke know Ben is Kathy’s son ?? Does Luke even know all about James history ??”

A third added: “NO BEN!!! NO!!!!!!!!!! “

James Willmott-Brown assaulted Kathy back in the eighties but recently arrived back on screens as part of a storyline involving Max Branning.

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James’s company Weyland & Co is working to ruin Albert Square, with daughter “Fi” Browning and his sons Josh and Luke at the heart of things too.

We’ve also seen James – who believes Kathy dismantled his life after he went to prison for his crime – stalking around her cafe in a way that makes it pretty obvious that there’s some more personal stuff ahead. Oh God.

And does that mean that Luke – via Ben – is part of it, or did he genuinely just want, er, some jump leads and a kiss?

Ben had been looking like he was going to get into a relationship with Keanu, but that now looks like it’s over, as things with Luke hot up.

And the Willmott-Brown storylines are set to weave into even more characters’ lives as he is tipped to be Jay Brown’s real dad too, after it was revealed that Phil had been lying about the homeless guy from the car lot and we all clocked that Jay Brown sounds like a version of James Willmott-Brown, if you couldn’t be bothered to say the whole thing.

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And since Jay and Ben have so much history too…

Yep, EastEnders, book us in for Christmas. Book us in right now.

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