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EastEnders fans predict shocking romance that could tear the Square apart

Surely they wouldn't?

EastEnders fans have predicted a potential affair that would send shockwaves rippling through the Square – tearing several families apart in the process.

The naughty pair? Martin Fowler and Whitney Dean!

Tiffany has pushed the pair together (Credit: BBC)

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Viewers have seen the unlikely pair bond in recent episodes over the puzzling behaviour of Whit’s newly returned step-sibling, Tiffany Butcher.

Whitney has been staying with the Fowlers since her engagement to Woody Woodward was cut short when the bar manager disappeared to Spain without her.

Martin’s wife Stacey recently fled Walford after admitting her one night stand with ex, Max Branning, to her husband – now fans are predicting man-eater Whitney will make a move.

The speculation comes after EE boss John Yorke has promised a new love interest on the horizon for Whitney following failed romances with Woody and married Mick Carter.

Martin and Stacey have split after cheating scandal (Credit: BBC)

Fans took to social media to predict who the lucky man could be – with many pointing the finger at Martin.

“I have a feeling that Whitney and Martin are going to get together #Eastenders,” predicted one viewer.

Another pondered: ” #EastEnders is Martin [expletive] Whitney now?”

While a third said: “Think somethings going to happen between Martin & Whitney. Not sure I like the idea of that tbh. Poor whit going to get the blame again.”

Whitney came under fire last year after several attempts to put the moves on her former father-in-law, Mick Carter, who is happily married to Linda.

The pair shared a kiss which viewers slammed, claiming Mick would never cheat on his wife.

Martin and Whitney have been forced to join forces as Tiffany has caused mayhem since returning to the Square – claiming mum, Bianca, tried to commit suicide.

Martin was recently left stunned when Stacey confessed to sleeping with Max while she should have been performing in the community nativity – as an angel.

Is Whit’s heart in this date? (Credit: BBC)

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He furiously lashed out at his wife for putting herself before their family, prompting Stacey to leave Walford, with the kids in tow.

Martin and Stacey will lock horns when she returns next week, with Martin less than pleased to let her back into the family home.

Whitney is set to go on a date with newcomer Halfway next week, but is it Martin she really wants?

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