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Emmerdale fans predict shock pregnancy following surprise affair reveal

This would definitely raise some eyebrows

As well as the long-awaited reveal of who actually pushed Emma Barton off that viaduct, Emmerdale dished out another shocker last night when it revealed that Laurel Thomas and Bob Hope had got it on.

Laurel was dragged in for questioning during the double-bill after police discovered she’d lied to them about being in the village when Emma was murdered.

Laurel was quizzed by police (Credit: ITV)

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It’s been pretty obvious that Laurel was trying to cover something up, but it turned out not to be a murder, but a secret romp with her friend and (happily married) neighbour.

Yeah. We can see why she’d want to keep that low-key.

Laurel eventually ‘fessed up to the police that she’d slept with Bob and had fled the village afterwards because she was embarrassed and ashamed of herself.

She confessed to sleeping with Bob (Credit: ITV)

But viewers reckon she might have something else to worry about soon – a pregnancy.

“Place your bets now on how long before Laurel gets knocked up by Bob #emmerdale,” tweeted one fan.

While another observed: “But wait she’ll be pregnant next that seems to be par for the course at the moment.”

And a third added: “Since emmerdale doesn’t recognize safe sex…Laurel will probably get pregnant, right?? I mean…cheating = pregnancy…Right?”

Laurel confessed to the cops that she’d returned to the village on the day of Emma’s murder after getting a frantic phone call from her step-daughter, Gabby.

Gabby had told her that Emma had threatened her and had then gone missing.

But before she could find Gabby, Laurel bumped into Bob who took her back to his when they heard news that Finn Barton had been shot and killed.

Bob, ahem, comforted Laurel (Credit: ITV)

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Laurel felt guilty, blaming herself for Finn’s death because she knew how unhinged Emma was.

As Bob comforted her, they ended up kissing and in bed together, before Laurel fled back to her sister’s in Peterborough.

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