EastEnders fans predict shock New Year romance for these two

Is Cupid lining up his arrow?

EastEnders viewers have predicted a romance between Whitney Dean and Jay Brown could be on the cards, following some rather flirty scenes between the pair during Friday’s New Year’s Eve episode.

As Mick and Linda Carter threw their final knees-up at the Queen Vic, the residents of Walford gathered together to celebrate (and commiserate) in style.

Jay begged Whit for a kiss (Credit: BBC)

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But it was Jay and Whitney who caught the attention of the viewers – one they’d forgiven Jay for not being at the hospital with his friend and childhood sweetheart, Abi Branning, who was lying in hospital in a coma.

Jay seemed to have other things on his mind as he tried to steal a New Year’s kiss from Whitney under the mistletoe.

He pleaded: “Just one, I will never wash my lips again!”

But Whitney wasn’t being swayed, replying: “Behave yourself, no!”

He wasn’t giving up (Credit: BBC)

Jay didn’t stop begging though and the scenes sent fans wild with theories about a possible ship between the pair.

“Looking forward to Jay and Whitney getting it on in 2018 #eastenders,” one fan confidently tweeted.

“Jay and Whitney – make it happen #EastEnders,” added another.

And a third wrote: “Jay and Whitney!! I ship it.”

While the residents of the Square partied the night away Abi Branning, who was declared brain stem dead in Thursday night’s double-bill, gave birth to a baby girl.

The baby was born via c-section after doctors became concerned that Abi would go into cardiac arrest and lose her.

It was an emotional time for Abi’s dad, Max, who reluctantly accepted that his youngest daughter would never wake up from her coma.

Abi gave birth to a daughter (Credit: BBC)

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Abi, along with her sister Lauren, fell from the roof of the Queen Vic on Christmas Day, trying to convince a suicidal Max to come down.

EastEnders continues New Year’s Day at 8pm on BBC One

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