Fans of The Chase threaten to switch off after contestant dropped

Boys were smitten by this brainbox kitten

Wow, TV’s The Chase is the latest show to have everyone talking.

Forget EastEnders and Corrie, the Bradley Walsh-fronted show is the one that has really got viewers excited.

Earlier in the week, the show made headlines when viewers took to social media to heap praise on cheeky chappy Essex rail worker Dan.

No, he didn’t scoop the prize, nor did he say anything particularly profound.

Instead he warmed viewers’ hearts when he said he would take his mates to see the “tulips and windmills” in Amsterdam.

That simple comment was enough for Bradley Walsh to crease up with laughter and viewers to brand the fella a “hero”.

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Wow! People, eh?

Anyway, another contestant has caught the eyes of the viewers this week – mainly guys!

Meet Charlotte, an 18-year-old sports student who had male telly watchers getting hot under the collar.

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Taking on the Governess, the brainy beauty managed to rack up £3,000 in the cash builder.

While she attempted to outrun Anne Hegerty, viewers really got behind her, with many of the frisky fellas at home declaring their undying love to her. What are boys like, eh?

One guy – Len Tupper – was clearly  taken by Charlotte’s looks saying she was “stunning” while another – Remy S – said he would happily chase Charlotte, which could to some ears sound a bit ominous!

Sadly, viewers were devastated when Charlotte was defeated by The Governess after she failed to correctly answer a question about Greek words.

Viewers were gutted and one Tweeter was so outraged by her defeat that he threatened to switch channels in protest. Get him!

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