Emmerdale fans now think Tom ISN’T a King but the son of another village baddie

This theory is explosive

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Ah, working out the secret identity of Debbie Dingle’s new lover-boy in Emmerdale is much more exciting and interesting than all the Who Killed Emma Barton business, if you ask us.

Up until recently, the most popular theory was that Tom Waterhouse is actually Carl King’s son Tom and has returned to the Dales to avenge his dad’s death.

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Carl was killed back in 2012 (yes, it was really that long ago) by Cameron Murray, who was embroiled in a Debbie/Chas love triangle at the time.

Fans thought Tom had returned to the village to get revenge for his dad’s death by punishing Debbie, but now they’ve gone off that idea.

For one thing, Tom King was only in the village four years ago and at the time he dated Debbie’s aunty, Belle – so we’re pretty sure Debs would recognise him.

There’s also the small issue of the last remaining King, Jimmy. Why would Tom be hanging round the village and risk bumping into his uncle who would definitely recognise him?

And, when you think about it, why would Tom blame Debbie for Carl’s death when she was the one who went to the police about Cameron in the first place?

A theory that has started to grow amongst the fandom is the idea that Tom is actually Joseph Tate – the son of Charity’s (now dead) husband, Chris and Noah Dingle’s half brother.

It’s definitely the number one Tom Waterhouse theory on Twitter.

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