Fans notice something strange on last night’s BGT

Did you notice something Simon's gaffe?

All week at the BGT studios, the judges have been complaining about how hot it is under the scorching studio lights.

And some of the clever people have worked out a canny way to avoid sweating like a pig on screen – by wafting a pocket fan in their faces to keep themselves cool.

Simon Cowell, for instance, has been seen constantly waving his little battery powered fan around in an attempt to avoid looking too clammy on camera.

Simon has been complaining about being hot all week in the BGT studio (Credit: ITV)

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But in last night’s final semi final, viewers were highly amused when they noticed some thing very funny happening that Simon was totally unaware of.

As he was passing comments on one of the dance acts, he held his wee fan up to his face as usual as he spoke.

Okay, nothing wrong there, you might think, until you look a little closer, like thousands of eager eyed viewers did.

He may have been wafting that fan around his face, but Simon failed to notice that it wasn’t actually working (Credit: ITV)

Yes, those clever so-and-sos noticed that the fan in Si’s hand wasn’t working.

So basically Simon was just holding his nifty device up to his face that wasn’t actually cooling him down in the slightest.

Thousands of viewers took to Twitter in their droves to point out the hilarious faux pas – while some cheeky blighters joked the 50-something TV legend was suffering from “hot flushes”.

One fan said: Does Simon know that his fan isn’t switched on?”

Another called Lynzie queried: “Why is Simon holding up a fan to his face and its not even on”

Samantha said: “What’s up Simon? Mini fan not working?”

Of course, as Simon is the head honcho of the whole show, we’re surprised that he hasn’t set his diva side loose as yet.

Instead of a small electronic fan, Simon could ask Sinitta to cool him down with her leaf dress (Credit: ITV)

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After all, he could quite easily demand of the production crew a massive Beyonce-style wind machine at the side of the stage to blow him cool.

Or perhaps even ask his old ex Sinitta to stand beside him and waft that X Factor leaf dress of her’s in his face.

That’ll cool him down no end.

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