Coronation Street fans make very sinister ‘prediction’ about Tyrone’s daughter

Could it be a case of history repeating itself?

Coronation Street fans have a disturbing theory about little Ruby Hobbs after last night’s episode which saw the tot push her step-sister, Hope Stape, off a trampoline.

Ruby, who lives with her dad Tyrone and his partner Fiz, admitted shoving Hope off of the garden toy after Hope was apparently mean to her.

Fans have a chilling prediction about Ruby (Credit: ITV)

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The incident meant Hope was rushed to A&E, returning home with a broken arm – complete with plaster and sling. Poor Hope.

As die-hard Corrie fans know, Ruby’s biological mother is Tyrone’s ex, Kirsty Soames, who was sent to prison for her physical abuse of Ty during their relationship.

But Corrie fans are already predicting that little Ruby could take after her troubled mother.

Ruby put Hope in hospital (Credit: ITV)

“Uh-oh. Like mother, like daughter, little Ruby #Corrie” one concerned fan tweeted.

Another added: “The apple didn’t fall far from the tree in Ruby’s case. #Corrie #coronationstreet.”

While a third wrote: “#CoronationStreet Ruby taking after her crazy mother.”

During her relationship with Tyrone, ex-police constable Kirsty locked him in their house, regularly hit him and became insanely jealous when he spoke to another woman.

After she suffered a fall and ended up in hospital she told police that Tyrone had been hitting her for months, forcing him to go on the run with Fiz and their girls who were babies at the time.

Eventually the truth about Kirsty came out and she was jailed in 2013, with Tyrone getting custody of their daughter. She was re

Some fans even predicted that Ty’s violent ex was about to make a Corrie comeback after someone set fire to the offending trampoline in last night’s second episode.

“Someone’s got it in for Tyrone and Fiz? Has Kirsty popped back out of the woodwork; she’s out of prison, isn’t she? #Corrie” suggested one viewer.

Whoever it is will have a clear shot at Tyrone after next week when Fiz leaves Weatherfield to look after her mother who’s had an accident.

Don’t worry though, she’ll be back – it’s a short break so Jennie McAlpine could head to Australia for her stint on I’m A Celebrity.

Could Kirsty be back to cause trouble for Fiz? (Credit: ITV)

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Tbh, we’d probably face Bushtucker Trials than Kirsty.

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