Casualty fans left heartbroken by Connie’s diagnosis

The fan favourite got some devastating news

Casualty fans were left fearful on Saturday night after one of their favourite characters, Connie Beauchamp, was given a devastating diagnosis.

After suffering worrying symptoms for a while, Connie went to a private clinic for a scan, and she was seen waiting for the results.

But what the consultant told her was not what she wanted to hear and she demanded further tests to check it out.

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Connie has a rare heart tumour and deep down knows the consultant is spot on with the diagnosis. But how will the usually so together Connie cope with the news?

In shock, she showed her scans to colleague Ethan, but neglected to tell him they were hers.

The doctor found the results quite exciting, and wanted to be involved in the case as the tumour is rarely seen.

But although it looked like she might confide in him, Connie decided not to.

Charlie also asked her if she was okay, and she failed to tell him the truth either, meaning she’s intending on facing the whole thing alone.

Viewers are now terrified she’s going to die, and tweeted how upset they were by the whole thing.

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Surely Connie can survive this?

And could she end up heading back to Holby City to be operated on?

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