EastEnders fans left disappointed by Phil Mitchell’s showdown with James Willmott-Brown

It wasn't exactly clash of the Titans

Last night saw Phil Mitchell come face to face with James Willmott-Brown, the man who once raped his ex-wife, Kathy Beale and fans were hoping it would be explosive.

Earlier this week Kathy’s son, Ian, was horrified to discover that JWB had been slithering around the Square and had cornered her in the cafe.

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Ian reached out to Phil to get Willmott-Brown out of Kathy’s life once or for all and supplied the address for Phil to head to and do some classic Mitchell sorting out.

But instead of beating seven bells out of JWB, Phil sat down and had a civilised (ish) chat with him instead. He did threaten to ‘smash his face through the desk’ and had his trusty baseball bat in the back of his car, but Willmott-Brown managed to throw Phil when he told him he was dying.

That seemed to convince Phil that JWB wasn’t worth getting his hands dirty for.

He left him with one heck of a loaded threat though: “If you ever come near Kathy again, I will kill you with my bare hands,” he menaced at JWB.

But Phil was left shocked when he spotted a family photo of Smug Face James and his son, Luke, who also happens to be the new man in Ben’s life.

Will Luke be on Phil’s hitlist instead?

But despite the face-off promising to show us some classic Phil, fans were left disappointed that he didn’t get more handy with the notorious villain.

One fan said: “Was looking forward to Phil going all gangster and he sits and has a cosy chat!”

Another added: “I think Phil has lost his old touch #eastenders”

While a third tweeted: “Phil needs to call Grant for back up!”

A fourth agreed, writing: “I was hoping Phil would put James head through the table!”

Give him a break guys, he’s an old man these days!

Luckily not all fans were left feeling disappointed by the confrontation. Some thought Phil handled it perfectly.

One tweeted: “Phil knows who Luke is! Good to see old Phil back”

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We can’t imagine Phil taking the news that Ben is involved with his mum’s rapist’s son too well. That baseball bat might get an outing yet.

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