EastEnders fans left confused after Ian Beale blunder over Steven’s death

Steven died on Friday

EastEnders Steven Beale died on Friday after saving Abi Branning from the fire he started in order to kill Jane Beale at Beale’s restaurant.

It’s fair to say that most of us were happy to see him go because we couldn’t cope with his manipulating ways against fiancée Lauren any longer.

Credit: BBC
Ian was worried about Jane but not about Steven (Credit: BBC)

But in last night’s episode, which showed the aftermath of his death, everyone seemed devastated at Steven’s death apart from one vital person – his stepdad Ian Beale.

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Ian has always treated Steven like his biological son and Steven even called him “dad”. Ian was distraught to find out about Steven dying of a brain tumour (he is yet to find out that that was a lie).

So why was it that in last night’s episode he didn’t appear distressed at all about Steven’s death, not even a tear?!

Credit: BBC
Sharon waited in the hospital with Ian but didn’t mention Steven (Credit: BBC)

Viewers are confused as to whether hospital staff have told Ian that his ‘son’ has died, especially as Ian was waiting in the hospital corridor to hear how wife Jane is doing after she was left to die in the fire.

Jane is recovering from her injuries but Ian didn’t even mention Steven.

Many viewers took to Twitter to express their confusion.

One viewer said: “Why isn’t Ian reacting to the fact that Steven is dead? I’m confused,” while another said: “Everybody else knows Steven’s dead except Ian who was still in the hospital?”

Credit: BBC
Steven died after saving Abi from a fire (Credit: BBC)

A third tweeted: “Why did the writers not include the moment when Ian found out that Steven died?”

A fourth confused viewer said: “Ian goes to the hospital with Steven, stays in a corridor, only Abi sees him, he dies & for most of the episode Ian isn’t told?”

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Oh dear, EastEnders bosses have got some explaining to do!

Maybe tonight’s episode will help to shed some light on the matter.

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