EastEnders' Ben Mitchell attacks James Willmott-Brown

EastEnders fans in tears of laughter at Ben Mitchell’s tiny ‘weapon’

He was supposed to appear menacing!

Last night’s EastEnders saw the much-anticipated showdown between Ben Mitchell and the man who raped his mum, James Willmott-Brown.

After finding out what happened between JWB and Kathy back in the Dagmar days, Ben has been a little pressure cooker of rage, just waiting to explode.

EastEnders' Ben Mitchell attacks James Willmott-Brown
He’s got a tiny hammer and he’s not afraid to use it (Credit: BBC)

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And explode he did, when he finally came face-to-face with Luke’s dad – with murder on his mind.

But Willmott-Brown didn’t seem fazed at all by Angry Ben, laughing him off and telling him that he and Kathy had  been in a relationship and everything that happened was consensual.

Be careful James, he’s already killed once.

‘My mum ain’t a liar!’ Ben yelled at JWB – forgetting for a minute that Kath had lied to him about being dead for a decade.

Willmott-Brown used this little nugget of information to twist Ben’s mind – and plant a seed of doubt in his head about Kathy’s version of events.

Luke had to hold Angry Ben back (credit: BBC)

But despite all that drama going down, viewers were more interested in the size of Ben’s, ahem, tool.

Even though he works in a garage with access to a huge range of tools, Ben decided to face off with Willmott-Brown, armed with the tiniest hammer in the world.

Even Phil would’ve taken his trusty baseball bat.

Fans couldn’t get over the mini-hammer and the amount of damage Ben expected to do with it.

“What was Ben going to do with that hammer? ” pondered one fan. “Shape his eyebrows?”

Another pondered: “Couldn’t Ben find a smaller hammer? What was he going to do, test Wilmot Brown’s leg reflexes?”

A third added: “Of all the tools in the arches Ben decides on a toffee hammer as his weapon of choice!”

While a fourth tweeted: “Ben Mitchell attacks Wilmot Brown with a Pin Hammer lol, I thought he would struggle to put a picture up with it lol.”

Later, after some major drama with Kathy, his mum convinced him to stay with Luke, saying it’s time she put her ordeal behind her.

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But considering Ben’s exit is looming fast and Luke appeared to reveal he’s only with Ben as part of JWB’s plan, could this be the worst decision Kathy has ever made?

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