Emmerdale fans in tears at emotional Cain and Faith scenes

We flashed back to Cain's childhood

Emmerdale likes using flashbacks at the moment and the latest episode featured some going back to Cain Dingle’s childhood.

The scenes, showing a young Cain, his sister Chas, mother Faith and father Shadrach, had fans in tears because they were so emotional.

Young Cain stole the show (Credit: ITV)

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With Cain’s ex-wife Moira unable to cope with being a mother to little Isaac, she had given him away to Adam and Victoria, but Faith was determined Cain would step up and raise his son.

She dragged Cain to the old house they used to live in when Cain and Chas were growing up (which surprisingly remained empty!).

As the pair talked about his childhood, we flashed back to Cain as a youngster and Faith, a younger woman, and saw the same scene from both of their points of view.

Young Faith told why she really left her family (Credit: ITV)

Cain saw his mum drunk, smashing glasses and stumbling around, before his alcoholic ‘dad’ Shadrach came home.

But Faith’s version was very different – she said she in fact was trying to get rid of Shadrach’s stash and she threw the glass at him to stop him hitting Cain.

Faith was just trying to protect Cain from drunk Shadrach (Credit: ITV)

As Cain started to realise exactly why his mother, battered and bruised by her husband, had walked out on them all those years ago, he finally broke down over why he couldn’t be a father to Isaac.

He revealed: “Being part of that kid’s life, day in, day out, and not being part of hers, I can’t do it.”

But Faith insisted his little boy needed him and needed to know he was wanted by at least one of them. A tearful Cain eventually realised she was right and he needed to step up.

Faith was determined to make her son see sense (Credit: ITV)

Back in the village, he went to see Moira and explained he would take Isaac and raise him until she was ready to be a mum to him.

“What if that never happens? What if I can’t ever get past it?” Moira asked tearfully.

“Then I’ll love him enough for the both of us,” Cain responded.

Cain promised Moira he’d be there for their son no matter what (Credit: ITV)

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As she insisted she did love him, she just couldn’t be a mum to him, Cain said: “Yet,” before promising that it would never be too late for her to start.

The whole episode has been hailed as one of the “best ever” of the show on Twitter, with fans in floods of tears.

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