Emmerdale: Charity reveals her son is dead

Charity opened up to Harriet

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Emmerdale viewers have learnt more about Charity’s upsetting past, as she slowly begins to open up about the trauma that has shaped her into the woman she is.

In last night’s episode (Wednesday 9 May), the pub landlady was seen talking to local vicar Harriet Finch – also a former police officer.

In the scenes, Charity confirmed that she’d had a son – but revealed the tragic news that he had died.

Harriet provided a shoulder for Charity to cry on… (Credit: ITV)

She also admitted that the boy was the result of being raped by DI Mark Bails, who could have been the father.

When Harriet suggested the son could have Bails’ DNA if they tracked him down, Charity revealed her son was born lifeless – and she wasn’t prepared to have his remains dug up in order to see Bails put in jail.

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After confronting DI Bails at a police conference in the previous episode, Charity was taken into police custody and asked to provide evidence of her allegations.

Saying she had none, Charity’s claims could go no further. So, without evidence, Bails is still a free man.

Charity confessed she had a son – and Bails could have been the father (Credit: ITV)

However, he is currently under investigation and suspended by the force.

While fans were shocked by Charity’s revelations, some jumped to the conclusion that Charity was lying to protect her son…

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One conspiracy theorist said: “Charity admits to Harriet having had a baby boy but whether it was Bails’s is not a certainty. Is the boy dead since ‘he was lifeless’ or are we gonna see a new face appear or one of the villagers being her son? Time will tell.”

Another wrote: “Hope Charity’s son is alive and comes into the village unaware who they to each other. A lot of guessing games now until the young man makes his appearance. So he’s a year younger then Debbie.”

A third pondered: “Do you think charity’s son is really dead?”

One explained her theory, saying: “Nahh I have a really strong feeling that Charity’s baby isn’t dead. Emmerdale are clearly starting to explore why she hasn’t been THE greatest mother and I think she wants to protect her son from how he was conceived and her because she thinks she will ruin his life.”

One Twitter user even hoped that Gerry would be revealed as Charity’s secret son… But is he old enough?

This week, Emma Atkins revealed they’ll be a bombshell revelation in the stand-alone flashback episode to be aired later this year.

So could Charity’s son really be alive and be the proof she needs to expose Bails once and for all? Well, that WOULD make a great storyline!

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