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EastEnders fans in hysterics at Honey’s innuendo to Patrick

You heard it right, there were actual laughs in Walford

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With upcoming gas explosions and fake brain tumours pretty standard in Walford at the moment, we need something joyous when we tune in to watch EastEnders. Step forward Honey, and one giant marrow.

With Honey off to the allotment in Thursday night’s episode, she clocked Patrick’s marrows and told him: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that big before, Patrick!”

Remember when we thought Honey wanted to see Jack’s marrow? (Credit: BBC)

To which Patrick looked… slightly thrown.

Viewers were loving the double entendre – and probably just the LOLs, see previously mentioned tumour etc – and took to Twitter to share.

The marrows! Don’t panic Patrick, she means the marrows! (Credit: BBC)

One said: “Eastenders innuendo of the week lol …Honey sees Patrick in the allotment..she says ‘I don’t think I have ever seen one that big Patrick’”

Another posted: “‘I’ve never seen one that big before Patrick’. Blimey is Honey not happy with Billy?’

Billy, babes, don’t take it personally. Patrick’s marrow was particularly huge.

A third added: “Honey talking to Patrick about his big one that’s an innuendo”

A fourth said: “EastEnders last night..Honey:Patrick l’ve never seen one that big before!!She was referring to his marrow.Sorry for my dirty mind!”

The scene comes in the midst of a particularly heavy time for EastEnders.

After the Jay and Phil two-parter that revealed that Jase wasn’t Jay’s biological dad – still not over it – we then had the Carter break up, which is essentially like going through our own heartbreak tbh.

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Then we’ve had the development of the Steven Beale cancer plot, as he told his family about his ‘terminal illness’, which has meant dark times for all of us as we’ve seen the return of the classic Ian Beale sobs.

And Steven’s fake brain tumour is also going to lead to a plot involving him TORCHING the restaurant when Jane’s inside, after a push from Max Branning.

Has she just seen the marrow again? (Credit: BBC)

So yeah, it’s not all about the fun at the moment.

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And that’s basically all for hor d’oeuvres because next week sees the much-hyped gas explosion hit the square which will mean at least one character being killed off.

Seriously, can Honey visit the allotment once a week? And can Patrick get working on his courgettes? We need the cheap gags, people!

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