EastEnders fans in a frenzy as Max and Stacey almost kiss!

Oh. Dear.

So it looks like it’s only a matter of time now before Max and Stacey Round Two happens judging by that moment in tonight’s episode.

Walford is still gearing up for the Christmas Day episode to end all Christmas Day episodes and tonight was all about getting the ducks lined up for Max’s ultimate downfall.

After his failed attempt to throttle Ian Beale with a string of fairy lights, Max found himself rounding on Stacey as she tried to stop him trying his luck with Phil.

“Who are you anyway, Stace? Some girl my son used to be married to?” he yelled at her as she pleaded with him to leave before Phil got home.

In the words of Cher from Clueless, that was way harsh, Tai.

Luckily Stacey didn’t let his words get to her and insisted her ex come back to her house, where she tenderly cleaned up the monster gash on his head and told him he could stay with her until he sorts himself out.

Yeah. Bet Martin’s going to be just thrilled about that.

The events of the last few weeks finally caught up with Max as he sobbed on Stacey’s shoulder, while she cuddled him.

And it looked very much like – even though he’s lost pretty much everything else – the old Max Branning charm is still in tact, as they came very close to kissing.

Stacey stopped herself just in time, but the look on her face as she walked out the door suggested her feelings for Max aren’t as dead and buried as she thought.

And viewers LOVE IT!!!

Elsewhere, Chatham and Riley listened to that message on Stacey’s phone again, reminding us that there are still some big old revelations to come.

How will Stacey feel about Max when she finds out he tried to kill Jane?

Meanwhile, the market was saved and Donna and Robbie celebrated with a kiss. Yay.

Mick told Aidan that he is out of the job, which didn’t make Aidan very happy. He’s not someone we fancy being on the wrong side of.

And Phil began to realise just how unhinged Max has become, after seeing the marks on Ian’s neck from the fairy lights.

Will Albert Square’s resident ‘sorter’ sort him out once and for all?

EastEnders is back on Christmas Eve at 8pm

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