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EastEnders viewers question if they’ve missed yet another episode after Thursday’s outing

We're getting déjà vu

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EastEnders viewers are not a happy bunch these days as they keep finding blunders which don’t seem to make any sense.

Last night viewers took to Twitter once again to show their frustration at a storyline involving Johnny Carter.

Credit: BBC
Johnny looked like nothing had ever happened to him (Credit: BBC)

Before yesterday the last we saw of Johnny was him lying in a hospital bed recovering from a recent gunshot wound to the chest.

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He had only been in hospital a couple of weeks when all of a sudden in last night’s episode he was back home walking about like nothing had happened.

He was at The Queen Vic, chatting to his dad and no-one even mentioned his near-death experience which was a bit strange.

One viewer said: “After getting shot and in an ambulance crash, Johnny made a full recovery in less than two weeks! Walford nurses are amazing.”

Another said: “Wow Johnny made a surprising quick full recovery.”

A third tweeted: “Something weird happening in the Square, first Kush and now Jonny. Healing so fast and just walking about.”

Credit: BBC
Johnny was only shot a few weeks ago (Credit: BBC)

“The entire #eastenders cast seem to heal faster than Wolverine himself… fml Johnny is a superhuman,” said a fourth.

A fifth commented: “Johnny back home and walking around….we missed another episode?”

It was just over two weeks ago that Ted shot Johnny in the chest after thinking he was an intruder coming to burgle his home.

Johnny looked like he might not make it, and as he was carted to hospital the ambulance he was in crashed.

Viewers were also confused when Kush made a speedy recovery after a heart operation last week.

He went into surgery on Friday, and his life was hanging in the balance, but then on Monday’s episode he was sat in the cafe with Denise having a cuppa.

Credit: BBC
Kush was rushed into surgery last week and viewers feared for his life (Credit: BBC)

We expected to either see him recovering in hospital, or dead, but he made a remarkable recovery over the weekend and looked absolutely fine.

If that wasn’t confusing enough, viewers then saw Kush’s mum Carmel lying in a hospital bed and people didn’t understand why.

It seems there was a bit of a plot hole, and many viewers even thought that they had “missed an episode” because the storyline just wasn’t making sense.

Hoards of viewers tweeted their confusion, with many even checking past episodes to see if they missed one.

One viewer said: “The continuation in #EastEnders is not great…how is Kush walking around like he didn’t have heart surgery.”

Credit: BBC
But he made a swift recovery aswell and was having a cuppa in the cafe a few days later (Credit: BBC)

Another viewer said: “I’m so confused. How is Kush all ok and in the cafe & why is Carmel in hospital?! Feel like I’ve missed a week!”

A third tweeted: “Did I miss an ep of #eastenders ? On Friday Kush was having major surgery, 3 days later he’s living it up in the cafè!! Only in soap land!”

“Did #EastEnders air the wrong episode? bc this one made no sense at all,” said another.

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A fifth said: “Hmm did @bbceastenders screw up – Carmel in hospital? I am assuming everything went okay with Kush and his operation.”

It turned out that Carmel was in hospital getting test results to find out if she also has Brugada syndrome, but viewers had to figure this out for themselves.

Hopefully there won’t be any more confusing events in upcoming episodes, because we’re not sure how much more the viewers can take!

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