Viewers praise EastEnders as Linda confronts Whitney during tense showdown

Wow! What will happen next?

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Viewers didn’t know what to do with themselves this evening as it all kicked off between Whitney, Linda and Mick in the much hyped three-hander episode.

Following on from last night’s cliffhanger during which Mick revealed that he had fallen in love with someone else, Mick came clean about his feelings for his daughter-in-law, Whitney.

Taking it pretty calmly to start with, Linda asked Mick exactly what had happened between them.

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He assured her that nothing more than a kiss had taken place between them.

He explained to Linda that feelings had started to grow when Linda had left the pub at Christmas to take care of her mother.

“I was lonely,” he told her.

“Everything in my life was falling apart.

“Lee leaving, Nancy’s accident, I had this place.

“Whitney was here. She was present. I would have lost my mind with her.”

While the couple argued about the situation, Whitney awkwardly listened from her bedroom.

Next morning Linda was still demanding answers and wanted to know how the kiss happened.

At first Mick didn’t want to talk about it but then admitted that he had made the first move and that Whitney had kissed him back.

After she tried to test what kind of kiss they shared – by pressing her lips on Mick’s – she stormed into Whitney’s room and told her to get out of her pub.

But Mick started to throw some of the blame and demanded to know why Linda had stayed away even though their lives were falling apart.

All she could muster was “I had things to do.”

Changing the subject, Linda stormed back into Whitney’s room and started packing up Whitney’s clothes.

During a fierce spat, Whitney appeared to also blame Linda’s time away with her mum for the kiss which set Linda off, who then launched at her, pulling Whitney by the hair and telling her to get out .

With Whitney gone, Mick tried to calm things down and told Linda that he loved her and that he wanted them to work things out.

But she told him even though she could forgive the kiss, she knew that it was more than that.

“You said you were in love with her,” she reminded him.

“I don’t what I was saying,” he replied sheepishly. “I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

But even when he suggested they move away from the Square, Linda said that Whitney would have been still part of their lives.

Linda then broke down and said “you’ve broken my heart Mick”.

Seeing the pain he had caused her, he pleaded with her to work through things.

But Linda said it was too late for that.

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“You left me the moment you looked at her,” Linda said.

Devastated, Mick dashed down the stairs to the pub and overturned a table before stepping out into the cold morning light where Whitney was waiting for him.

But instead of showing sympathy, she instead demanded to know why Mick had confessed everything to Linda, telling him that she had moved on with her life now she was engaged to Woody.

Fans of the show were beyond excited by the confrontation.

One said: “Today’s episode was explosive so much that I thought Whitney or Linda would fall down the stairs. Oh Mick.”

Another Tweeted: “Excellent and powerful episode. Brilliant and phenomenal acting.”

While another fan took a pop at the show’s producers, speaking for many when she said: “Really don’t like how Eastenders ruined Mick and Linda.”

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