EastEnders fans have shock theory about Jay’s real dad

Things are starting to add up

EastEnders viewers have come up with a new theory about Jay Mitchell’s real dad – they think it’s James Willmott-Brown.

When Jay discovered Jase Dyer wasn’t his real dad, viewers were frustrated as things really didn’t add up.

Jay couldn’t digest the news his dad wasn’t his dad (Credit: BBC)

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Phil Mitchell broke the news to Jay that the man Phil had killed in the car lot fire was actually his father, and the news sent Jay into meltdown.

But then we discovered Phil was having his strings pulled by someone else at the end of a phone and he’d told Jay something that wasn’t necessarily the truth.

EastEnders Phil Jay (BBC)
Is Phil lying for Max? Or for Willmott-Brown? What’s going on? (Credit: BBC)

We couldn’t work out why, and EastEnders seemed to be losing the plot completely.

But with last night’s huge twist, are things slowly starting to make sense?

James Willmott-Brown, the man who raped Kathy Beale and went to prison for it has returned.

He’s the one who’s been pulling all the strings of Max Branning’s revenge plot, he’s Fi (Sophie) and Josh’s dad, and the father of Max’s old cellmate from prison, and he’s the man who left the flowers for Kathy at Steven Beale’s memorial.

He’s back! (Credit: BBC)

Wow, we did not see that coming.

But fans have taken their theory one step further by working out that he could also be Jay’s real dad.

Willmott-Brown went to prison for three years for raping Kathy. On his release, he tried to come back to the Square, but was run out of town.

The last we heard of him, he was back in prison for raping another woman in 1994.

That same year, Jay was born – and he was born Jay Brown. Coincidence? There’s never any coincidences in Soapland!

Viewers certainly seem to be on the same track.

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Could it be so, is Jay really James Willmott-Brown’s son?

It makes the whole thing A LOT more interesting, and is actually a pretty genius masterstroke on EastEnders part.

For the first time in a while, we’re really looking forward to seeing how things unfold.

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