Emmerdale fans have a shocking theory about Tom’s big secret

Viewers believe they've cracked it

Emmerdale fans are convinced they have worked out Tom Waterhouse’s big secret.

The dashing businessman has been working his way into Debbie’s affections, but last night things took a rather sinister turn.

First off, as Debbie visited his swanky apartment, viewers noticed a golf set and began to speculate that Tom could be behind the controversial golf course development which could see the Dingles lose their home.

But then, after Tom visited Debbie at home to play the doting stepdad with her kids, things got even dodgier.

Returning to his car as they waved him off from the window, Tom’s right-hand man Graham (Andrew Scarborough) teased: “If I didn’t know any better I’d suggest you make quite the family unit.”

But with a sinister smirk and hinting at some untoward mission, Tom replied: “You don’t dig a grave and leave it empty.”

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Tom (played by Ned Porteous) and Debbie’s (Charley Webb) relationship has had viewers confused, with its 50 Shades Of Grey vibe.

But now some people think they’ve figured out exactly what the hunky rich guy’s deal is – and it’s an interesting theory.

Their idea is that Tom is actually the son of Carl King (Tom Lister) – the dishy Emmerdale bad boy who had a relationship with Chas.

One fan shared online: “Well after a few weeks wobbling my head I’ve come to the conclusion that Tom is Carl King’s son and is on a mission to destroy the Dingle family. #emmerdale”

And dozens more piled in, agreeing that they had the same thoughts.

Carl was killed by Cameron Murray back in 2012, who was in the village because Debbie was dating him and had brought him there.

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We did know that Carl had a son called Tom, and some fans think the timing and the circumstances all fit.

So could this be the very elaborate revenge plot of a grieving son?

And would he go as far as to kill Debbie Dingle?

Other theories include Tom being Joseph Tate, the son of Rachel Hughes and Chris Tate and Noah Dingle’s half-brother.

We hope we find out soon!