EastEnders fans have a disturbing theory over who poisoned Arthur

Fans aren't convinced his overdose was an accident

Ah, there’s nothing we like more than EastEnders fan theories – from the outright crazy to being pretty much spot on – they keep us almost as entertained as the show.

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And following last night’s shock revelation that little Arthur stopped breathing because he had managed to get hold of – and swallow- some of Stacey Fowler’s bipolar medication, fans came up with a new theory about how the little lad got the drugs.

Unconvinced that loving mum Stacey would be careless enough to leave her meds in easy reach of an 18-month-old, viewers came to the conclusion that he was deliberately handed them.

But who would be heartless enough to feed a baby dangerous tablets? Well, fan fingers are pointing at Stacey’s eldest daughter and Arthur’s half sister – Lily.

Whaaaaaat? Could EastEnders really have another (potential) child killer in the making now Bobby Beale is safely locked away in a detention centre?

Fans speculated that Lily could have given Arthur the drugs because she was jealous of all the attention the little one has been getting recently.

Stacey, Martin, and Arthur’s biological dad – Kush – were told last week that there is a high chance the toddler could have inherited heart condition Brugada syndrome from Kush.

A panicked Stacey hasn’t let her son out of her sight since, terrified his heart is going to stop beating at any moment.

Lily has shown signs of jealousy, playing up and accusing her mum of caring more about Arthur than she does her.

Is Arthur safe at home with his sister?

Another theory was that Lils could have given him the tablets hoping they would make him better somehow, so her mum could stop being so stressed out all the time.

And some were even pointing out the similarities between Lily and Bobby, who infamously bumped off his own sister – Lucy Beale – in the mega Who Killed Lucy Beale storyline.

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So what do we reckon?  Was it Lily? And if so, what was her motive? Is she jealous? A wannabe medic? Or just plain evil?

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