EastEnders fans had a very good question about Tanya as Abi Branning pronounced brain dead

Surely Mum should've been there!

Fans of EastEnders were left scratching their heads in bewilderment after recently returned Tanya Branning (Jo Joyner) was missing from Walford General as Max received devastating news about their daughter, Abi.

Max broke down when he was told there was 0% chance of Abi waking up from her coma as she’d suffered a catastrophic brain injury during her Christmas Day fall from the Queen Vic roof.

Max was given devastating news (Credit: BBC)

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Meanwhile eldest daughter, Lauren who was last seen flatlining after suffering a huge bleed during life-saving surgery, was propped up in bed, smiling as Ian Beale brought her son, Louie, to visit her.

Viewers were left wondering if they’d missed an episode after Boxing Day’s cliffhanger, which saw a medical professional prepare to deliver some bad news to Max and ex-wife, Tanya about one of their daughters.

Instead of picking up from where Tuesday’s dramatic episode left off, last night’s double bill kicked off with Stacey Fowler burning her breakfast, which left everyone wondering what Max and Tanya had been told.

But where was Tanya? (Credit: BBC)

“EastEnders is absolutely off its nut. Why did it end on a cliffhanger and then pick the next episode up with Stacey Slater burning her breakfast. What’s happened to Lauren and Abi and where the hells Tanya disappeared too!?” asked one baffled viewer.

“Do you think #Eastenders missed an episode? You know, the one where Tanya and Max were told about their daughters condition? The one where Tanya was at the hospital with her critically injured daughters?” wondered another.

A third added: “Is anyone else really confused about the fact that Tanya has disappeared?”

Lauren and Abi are both in hospital after plunging into Albert Square from the roof of the Queen Vic, where they’d been trying to stop Max from jumping off.

After convincing him that falling to his death wasn’t the answer to his problems, they prepared to come down when Lauren slipped and Abi fell trying to catch her.

Tanya saw the horror unravel from the ground after making an unexpected arrival in Walford, planning to get her girls away from their toxic dad after learning from Jane Beale that he’d killed Steven Beale and had tried to kill her.

A distraught Tanya headed to the hospital with her daughters, while Max was taken in for questioning by the police.

The girls fell from the pub roof on Christmas Day (Credit: BBC)

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She then held a tearful vigil at the hospital, waiting for news on Abi and Lauren. Tbf, she probably deserves a cup of coffee and a change of clothes.

Meanwhile, viewers also wondered why Lauren’s boyfriend, Josh Hemmings, and Abi’s housemates, Jay Brown and Ben Mitchell, hadn’t bothered visiting the sisters in hospital.

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