Fans go into meltdown at Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear’s adorable new addition to the family

We want one!

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Although it has been a bit touch and go for Charlotte and Stephen recently, they’ve made a big step in their relationship to prove they are together for the long haul.

They are purchasing a cute fluffy new addition to the household – an adorable Pomeranian puppy.

Be warned you’re about to be hit with an overload of cuteness…

It’s no surprise that fans’ hearts were melting into a puddle of goo and everyone fell in love with him. And yes Banana is his name!

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Charlotte made the announcement on Twitter that they were going to get little Banana, and over 7,000 people liked the picture.

Many people commented and it looks like a lot of her fans now want a Pomeranian aswell, but who can blame them.

One fan said: “I’m in love!!!! I need one in my life NOW!!!!”

Another commented: “That’s my dream dog right there,” while a third said: “Spoil that cutie …its your job as his mum !!!”

A fourth said: “Oh my god what breed is it I need one,” and a fifth said: “Omg shes gorgeous!”

Charlotte and Stephen have been on and off for a while (Credit: Instagram)

But not everyone agrees with the unusual choice of name for their furry friend.

One said: “What a terrible name for the poor thing,” and another said: “Aw char please don’t call the dog banana lol.”

A third joked: “Should of called it custard,” and another commented: “Why do you not name your dogs human names?”

Charlotte and Stephen’s relationship has been rocky to say the least, as they have broken up and got back together more than once.

Last month Charlotte announced on Snapchat that she and Stephen had broken up but then retracted it the next day, but not after Stephen confirmed they had indeed split up! Is anyone else dizzy?

So last thing we heard, Stephen had dumped Charlotte who was completely shocked.

At the time Stephen spoke out on Snapchat to tell his followers his views on the break up.

The two have made up and have bought Banana together (Credit: Instagram)

He said: “I don’t usually go on social media to deal with this, but we’ve broken up,” he said.

“There is a lot of stuff you don’t know, a lot of stuff.

“Whatever… you’ll probably hear a load of bad stuff come out about me but I’m used to it. ‘Bear’s this, Bear’s that, Bear’s nasty, Bear’s horrible’.

“But I’ve been a good boyfriend.

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“Now officially I’m single and all you can do is put your sunglasses on, go again and keep strong.”

They must have made up because they’re taking on the responsibility of looking after a dog, so let’s hope they can stay together this time.