EastEnders fans fear Mel Owen has turned into a killer


EastEnders fans fear that newly-returned Melanie Owen could KILL Ben Mitchell if she catches up with him before he boards a ferry from Dover.

During last night’s episode, Mel worked out that Ben had stolen the heist loot and was planning to leave the country with it.

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She flitted around Walford, asking her old mates if they knew anything about Ben, and his neighbours ended up being charmed out of personal information such as his address.

Mel then hid herself behind a tree as she watched Ben leave his house in a taxi – before pulling out her iPhone and taking pics of the cab’s number plate.

She then called the taxi company, pretending to be a friend of Ben’s trying to get his mobile phone to him.

The scheming blonde then asked for a cab to take her to the same place – the ferry terminal in Dover.

She then jumped in a cab and made a call to a mystery person saying: “I know who’s got your money. His name in Ben Mitchell and I know where to find him.”

One worried viewer tweeted: “Hang on ….Ben took the money?! How?! When?! I hope Mel isn’t coming back to kill him on behalf of female Aidan because of it… #EastEnders”

“Ben is going to get killed [by] ciara or Mel #eastenders mel” added another.

While a third worried: “I hope Mel doesn’t hurt Ben #EastEnders.”

Mel came to the conclusion that Ben had the stolen money and jewellery after spotting his mum – and her ex mother-in-law – Kathy Beale flaunting an expensive necklace in the cafe.

Despite Kathy assuring Mel it was only costume jewellery, Mel recognised it as one of the missing items from the heist and immediately set about tracking Ben down.

And these pictures of Mel – who came back to Walford after 16 years away this week – show her at the ferry terminal, right behind Ben.

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It looks like she’s got her man, but what will she do to him?

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