Fans fear for Emmerdale fave’s safety

They're in serious danger

Emmerdale fans were horrified last night when twisted Pierce Harris threatened Vanessa Woodfield and her son, Johnny.

Picking on a child? Not cool, Pierce.

Determined to get rid of Vanessa and have full control over fiancée Rhona Goskirk, Pierce engineered it so Vanessa stumbled across the secret sex tape he made of him and Rhona.

Rhona was horrified at her friend’s supposed snooping and sided with Pierce over the whole thing, leaving Vanessa seething.

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A confrontation between Vanessa and Pierce soon ensued and things got very nasty indeed.

Standing up to the bully boy, Vanessa told him Rhona would see through him soon enough and friends meant more than men.

But Pierce hit back:

“Well if you want to stay friends with her, you’d better be a bit nicer to me.”

Chillingly, he then picked up a photograph of Johnny and handed it to the vet before adding:

“You’ve no idea what I’m capable of.”

How much more evil could he be?!

Viewers were horrified that the lawyer would stoop so low as to make threats against little Johnny, of everything else he’s done, it seems that’s a step waaaay too far.

Taking to Twitter @emmerdale95 said: “Threatening Johnny? That’s way too far! Vanessa hasn’t even done anything besides trying to protect her friend!”

“Hope Vanessa takes him down…especially what he’s doing to her best friend and what seemed to be making a threat to her about her son [sic]” added @kayla_louise96.

Summing it up, @b26772696 said: “is Rhona really that stupid. She’s getting on my nerves now. If I was Vanessa I’d be scared of him hurting the baby, he’s a psycho [sic].”

And @GrianneDoherty7 agreed: “Can’t believe Pierce seriously just threatened Vanessa’s son. What a twisted psycho [sic]”.

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But the majority of fans, while outraged at Pierce’s despicable behaviour, had a very simple solution for Vanessa to get the upper hand.

“What doesn’t Vanessa have the foresight to record her conversations with Pierce?” asked @ElaineWharton1.

“Vanessa you should be recording all this!!!” @TaniaWren agreed.

With six weeks to go until Rhona and Pierce’s wedding, Vanessa had better get her skates on if she’s going to stop her best friend making the biggest mistake of her life.

Can she manage it? Or will she lose her life trying?